20 Adorable Puppies - small, Puppies, Cute, Adorable

20 Adorable Puppies

Who doesn’t love cute little puppies?! They are so small, so cute and adorable. Here are some photos of the

21 Cute Baby Animals - Cute, baby, animals

21 Cute Baby Animals

Baby animals are so cute. They’re furry, they’re cute, and they’re wild. Here you can find amazing pictures of little

Pet Wig Fashions - wig, Pet, fashion, dog, cat

Pet Wig Fashions

“A barking-mad designer, Leah Workman, has launched a range of wigs that turn pets into pop princesses including Katy Perry,

26 Cute Adorable Kittens - Kittens, Cute, Adorable

26 Cute Adorable Kittens

Here are 26 photos of the cutest little kittens in the world. They are small, cute and absolutely adorable. Source

Charming Animals -

Charming Animals

Kumbuka, a 15-year-old western lowland gorilla, explores his new enclosure in the ZSL London Zoo, on May 2, 2013. The

Bug the Rat by Jessica Florence -

Bug the Rat by Jessica Florence

Jessica Florence is a aspiring photographer who take shots of her pets in a very cute manner.

Charlie & Reptiles -

Charlie & Reptiles

Charlie Parker is only 3, but he’s already good friend with  large reptiles.