Cats are one of the most sought-after pets around the globe. They will entertain you with their small tail dance and purr around your legs for attention and nothing can be more adorable than that. It is adorable to see them snuggle into your bed and equally blood-boiling when he/she scratches and tears your favorite pillow cover and damages it while having fun.

13 Things to Buy For Your Cat - toys, soft bed, shampoo, Pet, litter box, hair roller, food, collar, clothes, cat, buy

But a cat’s scratches are often a way to show love. The cute obsession of seeing your cat doing stupid stunts is a “homely’ feeling for most cat lovers. But before bringing your furry friend home, you definitely want to make sure your place is cat-friendly. For that, start with buying these few things:

1. A soft bed for your furry friend

A soft cozy place for your kitty to take naps is a good idea to buy. You can go through various options available online and offline. This is not a job to be done in a hurry. Take your time and think about the size and space required for your buddy to feel comfortable and safe in there. Quiet corners are always a wise choice.

2. Food and water bowl to feed their tummy

A cute cat deserves a cute vessel to eat. You can opt for filter water bowls. Or, you can also choose water servers as it stores 3 liters of water and pushes clean water to the surface for drinking. It is preferred not to buy plastic food bowls as your kitty can develop a chin rash. Ceramic dishes are also a good choice. Keep both of them at a distance. Cats don’t like to eat and drink at the same place.

3. Toys to play around the house

Cats love to play. Buy a good variety of safe toys. They like to play with ball rolls, catnip mice, or crawl through toys. Just make sure you don’t leave them unattended with toys that have small parts as they can choke in and put their lives in danger.

4. Pet hair roller/gloves

While massaging your pet with hands, the fur can stick around. A glove with silicone bumps will groom your pet and help collect the fur on the glove without causing any mess. It cleans the fur from the surface effortlessly.

5. Pet shampoo

Cats like to stay clean but some cats don’t like water. For that, you can use dry shampoo to clean your cat and keep them away from dirt and bacteria build-up.

6. Collar

A unique collar with their name printed on it can be a beautiful gift for your new house member. An ID with the owner’s phone number and address on it is a must with it. Remember to not tie to it too tight or too loose.

7. Food

Cat food basically depends on the age of the cat. Feed the cat what was given in the pet store for some time. Apart from that, there are several cat foods online and also in-store. Read the ingredients thoroughly before you order it.

8. Clothes

It will be a great idea to make them look funny and super adorable. Dressing up a kitty is not an easy task. They need to start getting comfortable with clothing. Use bandana or bows before making them wear full-size clothes. You will find ample ideas online or you can also stitch on your own.

9. Litter box

A litter box or sandbox is a box used for urination and elimination of indoor animal’s feces. It will keep the home clean and also help you potty-train them. Try making them aware of it on the same day you bring them home.

10. Cat comb/brush

Brushing your hairy mate will remove the dirt and dead hairs from his body. It will help in stimulating blood circulation.

11. Dental care kit

Buying a dental care kit is necessary for cats. It will keep gum and teeth-related problems at bay. Try cleaning their teeth gently once the cat is friendly with the owner.

12. Nail clippers

A nail clipper is used to cut off the sharp claws. Buying them will save you and your house things from scratches. Although they would not like to hurt their favorite person, this step is necessary for maintaining their health.

13. Carrier bag

You won’t like your baby to stay home alone when you are out somewhere. Cats like to travel. A carrier bag/backpack will help you carry them so that neither of you experiences FOMO. It won’t be easy for you to make them adjust with this temporary baggie but filling it with their favorite goodies and food will do the trick. Also, buy the bag carefully thinking of the space required.

Over To You…

Maintaining your meow’s health and giving them proper immunity boosters and good food is more important than anything. So make sure, you have these basics stored at home before your tiny little friend steps in!