17 Creative Wine Bottle Projects

If you love wine and DIY crafts, today is your lucky day. Everything can be used in one way or another and be given a new purpose and life in your home so don’t be in a rush to throw things away. We do live in a consumerist society where money and assets have become our primary goal in life but just because we buy new things everyday it does not mean the old ones are useless. The glass containers are actually a whole lot more versatile than you might think. Find creative ways to reuse them, adapt their function and obtain new beautiful; items for your home and garden.Obtain beautiful wine bottle centerpieces or glass lamps and chandeliers; cut them to make candle holders and unique food plates. Just let your imagination do the work for you and be creative. They can be turned into practical items that you use every day, or you can create cute ornaments that brighten up your home. Let the craft ideas below inspire you to get more creative with your leftover wine bottles.

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