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Victor&Rolf’s Good Fortune Is The New Bewitching And Powerful Fragrance

It’s been a while since Viktor&Rolf launched a new fragrance. 2014, to be precise, with the Bonbon juice, a fruity floral with notes of orange blossom, peach, jasmine and caramel wrapped in a bow-shaped bottle. An ultra-trendy object bottle that succeeded another iconic bottle of the brand: Flowerbomb, the best-known juice from the designer duo to date. But in 2022, their goal is clear: to match (and why not surpass) their iconic fragrance with a new creation with a radically different universe: Good Fortune. Good Fortune: Viktor&Rolf plays the mysticism card with their new fragrance Pinterest Inspired by the Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture “Spiritual Glamour” collection, GOOD

The Benefits Of Honey for Dry Skin - the benefits of honey for dry skin, style motivation, skin glow, skin beauty, skin and beauty, honey and royal jelly for dry skin, dry skin, beauty

The Benefits Of Honey for Dry Skin

If honey is used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products, it is because it has exceptional antiseptic and healing properties! Do you want to use it to take care of your dry skin? We’ve got it covered for you! When summer comes, we pay special attention to our skin. We know that a minute of inattention can be enough for it to fall victim to the external aggressions of the season. Pollution, heat, perspiration, and sun, are enemies of our pretty faces.  So to pamper her, we work twice as hard. When we usually have dry skin, perspiration and UV rays can aggravate our

3 Effective Gestures to Deflate The Face in the Morning - style motivation, gua sha, fresh morning face, face massage, deflated face, cryotherapy, beauty secrets, beauty

3 Effective Gestures to Deflate The Face in the Morning

The swollen face in the morning, never made anyone dream. And yet it happens more often than you might think. Indeed, whether it is an evening with too much water, an excess of salt, a summer day with scorching temperatures or even a lack of hydration. As facialist Katharine Mackenzie Paterson explains to Vogue UK, “ Puffiness is caused by several factors. Among them, are salt and alcohol of course, but also a sluggish lymphatic system, lack of sleep or congestion. Especially during the summer months, when allergies show up. However, there are many causes for morning puffiness. But don’t panic, there are many solutions

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Beauty Techniques To Define The Jawline With Contouring

With the standards of beauty continually conveyed via social networks, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve the “perfection” sought. A little time spent scrolling on Tiktok and Instagram can create real complexes. After fox eyes, BBL or rhinoplasty. It is now another aesthetic medicine technique that is in vogue today. Have you wondered how to redraw the oval shape of your face or how to hollow it out for a more sculpted effect? Well with the jawline, it’s possible! Pinterest For those who are not a fan of aesthetic medicine, there is an infallible beauty trick to reproduce a jawline to perfection without going to

The Rise of Healthy And Ethical Cosmetics - style motivation, style, natural based cosmetics, healthy cosmetics, ethical cosmetics, Cosmetics, beauty

The Rise of Healthy And Ethical Cosmetics

The revolution in healthy and ethical cosmetics is attracting more and more people in France and elsewhere. If you are still hesitating to take the plunge to adopt this trend, discover the good reasons to get started. Pinterest The benefits of using healthy and ethical cosmetics Healthy and ethical cosmetics are beauty products whose manufacture has no negative impact on the environment. Their composition is not chemical and they present no danger to the user’s body. These products are generally sold in bulk, without excessive use of packaging. Healthy and ethical cosmetics are generally natural and solid, which makes them more economical. They can thus

Why Commercial Landscaping Services Are Necessary - service, maintenance, landscaping, commercial

Why Commercial Landscaping Services Are Necessary

The appearance of your company building is very important. Creating a beautiful and inviting facade and courtyard of the building is a separate indicator of your success. The company immediately looks more attractive and creates a professional image. Landscaping will play a very important role in this. A good decision would be to invest in commercial landscaping services. Because landscaping services in the United States have grown by 5.8% in the last five years, more and more businesses are choosing to invest time and money in landscaping. Quality landscaping will interest you as a business. A good first impression Of

How Can Your Customers Benefit From New Windows? - windows, upgrade, renovation, home, benefits

How Can Your Customers Benefit From New Windows?

Installing new windows for your customers will provide them with a wide range of benefits. Whether they’re looking to increase their home’s value or simply improve its functionality, new windows are sure to be a perfect solution. New windows not only add style and curb appeal to a home, but they also help save energy and reduce the cost of utilities. Moreover, new windows increase a home’s value by a lot. You see, old windows tend to be draughty, leaky, and generally an eyesore on any property. Furthermore, new windows keep out pests and provide better security as well as

The Latest Special Designated Areas Lifestyle Developments in Malta - travel, residency, rent, property, malta, architecture

The Latest Special Designated Areas Lifestyle Developments in Malta

In the centre of the Mediterranean Sea lies an idyllic archipelago made up of three islands. Comino is pristine with hardly any inhabitants. The second island in the trio is Gozo. Finally, the crown jewel, Malta, has attracted tons of tourists from around the globe, many of whom return, looking to settle there permanently. The Maltese government has made provisions for these home seekers with its Special Designated Areas (SDA) Lifestyle Developments. We discuss the architecture, lifestyle, and amenities these developments have to offer. General Information About Malta The weather in Malta is as good as it gets anywhere in the

What You Can Do Right Now to Look Several Years Younger - younger, wardrobe, tips, look, cosmetic

What You Can Do Right Now to Look Several Years Younger

Ageing is a reality that we cannot escape as it is a natural process that we will all go through. Ageing can claim the confidence of both men and women who might not look as young as they did before. In this article, we will look at a few things you can do to keep looking and feeling younger as you age. Use Your Hair to Your Advantage How you cut and style your hair can either show or minimise the signs of ageing. Once you start pursuing hair cuts and styles suited for younger people, it can bolster your

7 Tips For Gearing Up For Your Summer Vacation - weather, vacation, travel, tips, summer, entertainment, camera, budget

7 Tips For Gearing Up For Your Summer Vacation

Summertime is a time for vacations and relaxation. It’s a time to get away from the daily grind and enjoy some time outdoors. But before you can relax, you must gear up for your summer vacation. Here are top seven tips to help make your summer vacation a success! 1. Get an excellent fishing gear If you’re planning to spend some time learning fishing during your summer vacation, make sure you have the right gear. Fishing can be a perfect way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but if you don’t have the right supplies, it can be a frustrating

The Key Tricks To Combine The Color Orange - style motivation, style, orange color outfits, orange color combnations, orange color, fashion style, fashion

The Key Tricks To Combine The Color Orange

Did you know that orange and tangerine will be the star colors of this summer 2022? And, as always, we are here to show you all the tricks you need to know to successfully add them to your looks. Orange is the color of enthusiasm, optimism, and happiness, and it transports us directly to summer days and afternoons in the sun on the terraces. It is also an ideal tone to improve our mood and connect with nature. Pinterest It is one of the colors that interior designers used the most during the 70s and the protagonist of those characteristic prints

Welcome the summer with vibrant San Marina women's shoes - women's shoes, woman, vibrant, summer, Shoes, footwear, Colorful

Welcome the summer with vibrant San Marina women’s shoes

Summer has finally settled over here and the first sign of it is the appearance of warm weather footwear. What will the trends of this summer be? Are you going for “naked” sandals? Do you prefer vibrant, floral shoes instead? Luckily for your, San Marina has got you covered on every front. This French company seems to be able to sniff out all of the latest trends before they even become a trend. You don’t have to be obsessed with footwear to be able to enjoy wearing shoes that are fashionable in the moment, not last year, but now. This

Top Benefits of Installing a Sun Shade Canopy in Your Home - versatile, sun shade, installation, canopy

Top Benefits of Installing a Sun Shade Canopy in Your Home

Enthusiasts of different outdoor activities understand that weather conditions and other unfavorable factors may turn an enjoyable outdoor experience into a drilling one. This happens whether you are chilling in the afternoon or having an outdoor home gathering. Many homeowners would try to solve the problem by erecting solid-roof wood or steel structures in their compounds. If you are such a homeowner, do you know that there is a more efficient yet cost-effective option? This article takes you through the benefits of buying and installing a shade canopy in your home’s compound. Protection against Unwanted Weather Conditions Numerous weather conditions

Show Up in Style - Consider These Safety Tips When Driving on Vacation - vacation, tips, safety, drive

Show Up in Style – Consider These Safety Tips When Driving on Vacation

Longer days, clear skies, and warm days are just the perfect conditions for taking a vacation. When considering going on vacation this summer, it is important to consider that many American like you have the same plans. So, the roads may get a little more congested than usual. Congested roads increase your chances of encountering road range, intoxicated drivers, and inexperienced drivers, making driving relatively dangerous. But this should not dampen your summer vacation mood. If you have already made plans, go ahead and enjoy yourself but pay attention to the tips highlighted in this post. 1. Familiarize Yourself With

These Are The Items Every Wardrobe Should Have - wardrobe, sweaters, sneaker, must have, items, handbag, Dress, blazer

These Are The Items Every Wardrobe Should Have

Do you follow a lot of fashion influencers or magazines? Do you just want to make your wardrobe easier to use and incorporate into your daily life? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as this guide is here to help you find the items most women can benefit from having at their fingertips. Your closet should contain items you love to wear and that showcase your individuality. Maybe you love to follow the trends, or perhaps you love to wear classic, elegant looks that are more timeless. But, regardless of your personal style, there are some items that

5 Useful Tips To Maximize Garage Space - Space, renovation, maximize, garage

5 Useful Tips To Maximize Garage Space

Many homeowners overlook the garage, but this space can be one of the most useful areas in your home if you arrange it properly. Your garage kit isn’t just a house for your car; you can do so much with it. It could also serve as a home office or home gym, or you could use it as an extra storage space. In any case, it’s essential to ensure you efficiently use every bit of space in your garage. If you just keep dumping things carelessly, your garage will become cluttered in no time, and you won’t be able to

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