Smoothie: Your Secret Weapon to Good Health & Fresh Start of the Day - Smoothies, protein, meal, green, Fruit, food, Drinks

Smoothie: Your Secret Weapon to Good Health & Fresh Start of the Day

Few things can beat the refreshing taste, fullness, and convenience of a smoothie. Often made up of some combination of fruits, vegetables and dairy, it is a delicious and healthy beverage that can be quickly whipped up and poured into a to-go container, it has become a popular option as a main meal or snack for many people. This trend may prove beneficial when you consider that just 1 in 10 adults consumes the daily recommended amount of fruits or vegetables. But some questions do linger in terms of how healthy a choice it really is and what ingredients to

6 Tips to Traveling on Bitcoin Alone - security, plan, measures, Lifestyle, bitcoin

6 Tips to Traveling on Bitcoin Alone

Bitcoin is now recognized as a legitimate currency globally. This cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity partly due to its unparallel convenience in the current digital world. For travellers, Bitcoin offers an opportunity for a completely virtual universal currency and form of payment. This takes away the pain of having to convert one’s cash to a foreign currency at every location.   However, everything has its cons, and using Bitcoin as a form of currency and payment method as you travel is not any different. This convenience has its share of complications, especially if you do not understand how Bitcoin works.

The Most Comfortable And Beach Dresses For This Summer - summer beach dresses, style motivation, style, fashion style, fashion, Dresses, beach dresses

The Most Comfortable And Beach Dresses For This Summer

Flower length Pinterest The comfort of a flowing strappy dress is unmatched. And if you already add such a beautiful design that combines flowers and crochet like this one from Stradivarius, it becomes an essential piece. Striped poplin dress Pinterest Tunic-style dresses are a super trend this season. Bet on them with this model with a round neck and long sleeves with a striped print and a ruffle-finished hem. Zig zag crochet dress Pinterest If you like to shape your silhouette and you also love crochet, this short colorful dress with a halter neckline tied around the neck is the one

The Shower Oils That Will Leave Your Skin Softer - summer skin, style motivation, style, soft skin, shower oils, fashion, body oils, beauty products, beauty

The Shower Oils That Will Leave Your Skin Softer

Nothing better than hydrating the body with oils. Now the skin needs more nutrition than ever and these are the best allies to achieve smooth, luminous, and clean skin. Replace the classic gel with one of these shower oils, and voila! Bioderma Pinterest 24h of hydration and immediate comfort after showering. So is this Bioderma basic that will help you calm the feeling of tightness, strengthen the resistance of the skin. Diptyque Paris Pinterest Diptyque Paris, the firm with the most beautiful candles in the world, has its own shower oil and is all we need to take care of our skin

The Bracelets That Will Complete Your Summer Look - summer trends, summer essentials, summer bracelets, style motivation, style, fashion style, fashion, bracelets

The Bracelets That Will Complete Your Summer Look

Summer accessory must! Like every year, the months of July and August become the perfect excuse to include different and fun trendy accessories in our looks. A couple of years ago it was the shells, last year the resin rings, and this season we are officially welcoming rigid bracelets. This trend knows no borders ! Here we tell you everything you need to know to wear them better than anyone this summer. The rigid bracelets, the summer accessory that we did not know we needed until we saw it on Pinterest The power of Instagram is clear and again, this summer, it has taken its toll. On this

The Products That Will End Your Frizzy Hair On The Beach - summer hair products, summer hair, style motivation, style, hair products, frizzy hair, fashion, beauty tricks, beauty products, beauty

The Products That Will End Your Frizzy Hair On The Beach

Sensilis Pinterest Everything you need this summer is hidden behind this bottle of Sensilis. Su Sun Secret is a hair oil that has SPF 15 protection and will help you reduce hair frizz, smoothing hair from roots to ends, providing a silky smooth mane. Essential! L’Oreal Professionnel Pinterest This spray conditioner is the best thing that could happen to us now that summer has arrived. L’Oreal Professionnel has found the perfect formula to give our hair a spectacular shine and create an anti-dryness shield as well as protect us from sun exposure. L’Oreal Professionnel Pinterest This spray conditioner is the best thing

The Coolest Flip Flops To Go The Beach - style motivation, style, flip flops, fashion style, fashion, beach style, beach fashion

The Coolest Flip Flops To Go The Beach

1. Havaianas for Pull & Bear Pinterest For yet another year Havaianas joins Pull & Bear to create a limited dream collection. This year they bet on two-color designs and the combinations are explosive. This model in lilac and blue tones is the best that could happen to us this summer. 2. Oysho Pinterest These are the flip-flops that you will want to wear all the time. We are talking about the viral phenomenon of summer and several Instagram profiles have given us the guidelines to combine them with both bikinis and long dresses. Without a doubt, a safe bet! 3. Bershka

The Triumph Of The Season - Cropped Tops - trend in cropped top, style motivation, style, fashion style, fashion, cropped tops

The Triumph Of The Season – Cropped Tops

Pucker Pinterest In white and with a gathered design, it couldn’t be more perfect for summer. You will find it in Mango and you will combine it with all the lower parts of your wardrobe. In black Pinterest We all need a blacktop. And if it is as trendy as the cropped ones, even more so. You have this beautiful fine knit at H&M. Floral print Pinterest Could this cropped top with a Bardot neckline with ruffle and flower print be more spectacular from Zara? Impossible not to fall in love with him! Satin top Pinterest The tops cropped are also for special occasions. If you have an evening event, we encourage

The Cowboys That Will Take The Next Few Months By Storm! - trend in jeans, style motivation, style, jeans, fashion style, fashion, cowboy jeans

The Cowboys That Will Take The Next Few Months By Storm!

1. Who said jeans are only for winter? With this look, this girl shows that she is a very strong garment for summer. You will only need the perfect basics (preferably in black!) To achieve the key style of the season. Pinterest 2. If we talk about jeans, we cannot forget to include Levi’s in our wardrobe. This straight model in light tone will become your favorite basic. What are you waiting to get hold of it? Pinterest 3. Surely you have already seen them on social networks and they are the model you need for the season. The influencer dares with these

The Garments Are In Trend, Let's Choose The Best Ones - summer garments, style motivation, style, garments, fashion style, fashion, essentials

The Garments Are In Trend, Let’s Choose The Best Ones

Yes, the flyers are back and there are a thousand and one ways to wear them. We join the trend and have selected the key garments that you can wear either to go to a special event or for your day-to-day. Which ones do you prefer? 1. C&A set Pinterest The most summery outfits come from the hand of C&A. The firm has conquered us with this model of top and skirt with ruffles in yellow tones full of ruffles. 2. Massimo Dutti top Pinterest Ruffled white tops are the key to summer. They are also ideal to combine with the sandals of the moment and go

The Most Stylish Long-Sleeve Shirts That Are Perfect For Summer Days - summer shirts, style motivation, style, long-sleeve shirts, fashion style, fashion

The Most Stylish Long-Sleeve Shirts That Are Perfect For Summer Days

Cotton embroidered blouse Pinterest The boho style is a summer classic. And shirts of this aesthetic are essential in our wardrobe when the heat arrives. Bet on them with models like this one in a cotton and linen blend fabric with decorative laces and openwork Mango details. Striped Pinterest The ideal design to wear with shorts to the beach or, being long, as a caftan over a bikini or swimsuit. You have it at Massimo Dutti. Green linen Pinterest If you are one of those who love to spend hours looking for inspiration on Instagram, you will have realized something. The

6 Pieces Of Clothes That Every Influencer Has In Her Summer Wardrobe - style motivation, style, influencers wardrobe, influencers, fashion style, fashion, 6 clothes influencers have

6 Pieces Of Clothes That Every Influencer Has In Her Summer Wardrobe

1. Pinterest For your beach looks there is nothing better than joining the crochet trend and for that H&M has what you need. In her store, you will find this top in beige. Ideal to wear with whites! 2. Pinterest This is one of the viral dresses of the season. And, how could it be otherwise, Zara signs it? It is a model made of linen and is perfect to wear with platform sandals. 3. Pinterest White outfits like this one from Pull & Bear are not lacking in the wardrobes of those who know the most about fashion. These are two perfect pieces to wear with

The Best Fresh Perfumes For Summertime - summer perfumes 2021, summer perfumes, style motivation, style, Perfumes, fresh perfumes, fashion

The Best Fresh Perfumes For Summertime

We have compiled fresh perfumes that smell clean and sea. Because this is not just any summer but the one in which, at last, we will see the light. The perfume ‘vintage’ of the most awaited moment emits chords of freshness and optimism.  Because these days we are undoubtedly looking for perfumes with the scent of summer. A pinch less intensity and large doses of freshness take over the proposals for this year 2021. Some take you to the coast, others fill you with optimism and there are even those that freeze the skin. From the citrus fruits of CK One by Calvin Klein to the

Fall 2021 Hairstyle Trends! - trendy haircuts for fall 2021, stylish hair, style motivation, style, haircuts, fashion style, fashion

Fall 2021 Hairstyle Trends!

How are you going to style your hair this fall to be on top of the trend? The new hair trends for this fall 2021 are already starting to take shape. Between bangs, boyish cut, or side parting, we have already taken stock and we give you some inspirations to be stylish at the start of the school year. Trends not to be missed In July, already think about your future back-to-school hairstyle to be styled from September. New hair trends are already present everywhere. we shouldn’t miss it, right? 1. Pinterest 2. Pinterest 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest 5. Pinterest 6. Pinterest

What Are The Trends For Summer '21 In Nails? - style motivation, nails trends, nails, beauty tips, beauty, babyboomer nails

What Are The Trends For Summer ’21 In Nails?

To be stylish to the tips of your nails, the trend for 2021 is the baby boomer. A degraded nude manicure. It’s a bit like the new French manicure 2.0 that is a hit today on social networks and that all influencers are snapping up. So ready to test this new trend? A real phenomenon on the networks  The baby boomer trend has grown enormously on social networks, especially Instagram. Indeed, there are more than 2 million posts with the #babyboomer, just that. The baby boomer is one of the hottest trends of the moment, especially on Instagram where this manicure composed of shades of pale pink

How is Car Ownership Changing? - ownership, cars

How is Car Ownership Changing?

Car ownership is a fact of modern life in Britain. The number of cars on British roads has been steadily increasing for decades. In fact, this remains so even if you account for changes in population. According to RAC reports, the number of cars per household and per head has been steadily climbing, too. Nowadays, you don’t need to own a car in order to drive one. There are myriad options, many of which will fit people with particular tastes and financial circumstances. Buying Outright The most obvious strategy is to simply buy the car outright using cash. The major

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