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The Collection Of Futuristic Glasses Is Here

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Pierre Cardin eyewear collection, produced and distributed under license by Safilo, the House pays tribute to the creative genius of its founder and presents, in collaboration with Grazia, an unprecedented video shot in calli and palazzi of Venice, a city that has always held a special place in the heart of the creator. In an atmosphere suspended between dream and reality, two young men seek each other but do not find each other. At first, they only meet on a dreamlike journey, connected thanks to the glasses they wear. Then they begin to wander in

Incredible Kids' Room Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Child's Dreams Come True - princess, kids room

Incredible Kids’ Room Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Child’s Dreams Come True

There are few places as safe as your bedroom, and that feels even truer for a child. Their room is their refuge, a place where they go to play, sleep and imagine their own little world. From the time they’re young, children need a designated place of their own, and you can make your child’s space unforgettable with these kids’ room ideas. If you want to surprise your child with one of these jaw-dropping renovations, don’t think it’s out of the question just because you can’t pay out-of-pocket. You can take out a personal loan from a private lender to

Bohemian Wedding Dresses That You Would Want To Say 'YES' In - wedding dress, stylish wedding, style motivation, bohemian wedding dresses

Bohemian Wedding Dresses That You Would Want To Say ‘YES’ In

The quest for the perfect dress can sometimes be almost as difficult as that of the perfect man or woman. But if you clicked on this article, it is undoubtedly that you passed the first step brilliantly. So don’t panic: if you have managed to find one, you will succeed in finding the other. The first step in this quest may be to determine which style suits you the most. And if you are not the type to dream of a puffy princess dress, perhaps the fluidity and romantic spirit of bohemian dresses will seduce you. Bohemian wedding dress: 9 sublime models that said “Yes” Often a retro touch, cut close to the body, light, fluid materials, and lace galore:

5 Mathematical Calculations to Be Done Before Starting Repairs in the Student's Room - student, room, repair, renovation, interior

5 Mathematical Calculations to Be Done Before Starting Repairs in the Student’s Room

The smallest or largest repair work cannot be accomplished without the use of math. Even though minor repairs might require simple math, complex repairs call for complex math formulas. If your student’s room demands some repair work, you cannot escape simple math like surface area, volume, average cost, speed/time for repair, and angles. Without math, you will cut wrong angles that cannot fit the area you are repairing or buy less or too much material. Below are the main math calculations you will require when repairing your student’s room. House photo created by pvproductions – Total area to be

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Pretty Stylish Pieces For The Perfect Swimsuit Beach Look

Ah, days at the beach! We bask in the sun, we bathe, we enjoy the sensation of the hot sand under our feet … But when the sunbathing session ends, we decide to pack up – rather a parasol – and you have to get dressed, it gets tough. The cream sticks to the clothes, the wet swimsuit too, we put sand in our shorts… In short, nothing is right. It is, therefore, better to be far-sighted and invest in a tunic or a suitable dress; a loose and light piece that can be put on quickly. All this, without forgetting the style, of course. Beach tunic: 8 stylish pieces to put

Group Gifting: Etiquette, Ideas, and Inspiration - payment, group gifting, etiquette

Group Gifting: Etiquette, Ideas, and Inspiration

Does the thought of finding the perfect gift give you anxiety? Do you stress about what to give, how much to give, or even if you should give at all? If so, then you aren’t alone. Many of us start to sweat when the conversation veers towards group gift ideas. The panic can increase when our bank account is dwindling. We are here to put your mind at ease when it comes to the dilemma of group gifting. Check out our simple guide for how to effortlessly navigate finding a gift for a workmate, newlywed, mother-to-be, and more. We are

6 Maintenance Tips For Steel Staircases - steel, staircase design ideas, staircase, cleaning

6 Maintenance Tips For Steel Staircases

If you need staircases in your home, office, or business premises, installing steel ones is a great way to add a contemporary look to your space. Other than the aesthetics that come with steel staircases, they’re also durable. This means you won’t need to replace them for years to come. For people who choose to install steel staircases on the external part of a building to connect different floors, the best option to use is galvanized steel. This type of steel has a zinc coating that protects it from rust and other elements, which can corrode it over time. For

DH Guest Post - How To Get Corporate COVID-19 Testing In Tucson - test, Lifestyle, covid-19, Corporate COVID-19 Testing

DH Guest Post – How To Get Corporate COVID-19 Testing In Tucson

Photo by on Unsplash Tucsonan business owners large and small may have heard about corporate COVID-19 testing, but be wary of ineffective and unnecessary investments. Keep reading for more information about the value of COVID-19 testing and how it works. COVID-19 testing – is it really worth it? Employee testing for COVID-19 regularly has emerged as a powerful tool – not just for safety reasons, but because it helps businesses stay ahead of challenges presented by the pandemic. While stopping the virus from entering the workplace seems an obvious advantage, additional shifts in strategies can help keep your operations

Three Home Décor Tips for Budding Interior Designers - tips, home, furniture, decor, comfort, color scheme, arrangement

Three Home Décor Tips for Budding Interior Designers

Appearance is an important aspect of life to many people. Taking an interest in self-image is something that many people do, but this interest often extends beyond the parameters of your immediate image. For the most part, homeowners and tenants alike take a shared interest in how their homes and surroundings look. Caring about how their image looks to both themselves and other people is critical. This is never truer than when considering the interior design of your property. Turning the vision in your mind into reality comes naturally to some people, while others struggle to bring the image to

Should You Get Help for Funding That Project? - urgancy, type, project, funding, credit score

Should You Get Help for Funding That Project?

It’s never a good idea to borrow unnecessary money, but when you’re in a pinch, a loan or line of credit can be a great option, saving you time and stress over something that needs to be paid immediately. If you’re looking to embark on a new home improvement adventure, you may be tempted to reach out for help funding the project, but is that a good idea? It all depends on you. Type of Funding There are a few different types of funding assistance that can help you in these situations. Some are lines of credit that work the

How One Woman Started A Million-dollar Business From Her Living Room - woman, journey, bussines

How One Woman Started A Million-dollar Business From Her Living Room

Why is being a woman in business more difficult than being a man? According to Sara Blakely, it doesn’t have to be. 4k video footage of an attractive young businesswoman sending a text while walking through her office building The beginning of a successful journey Blakely, the CEO of Spanx, started her company in 2000 when she realised that there was a market for foundation garments such as leggings that add shape to the body, making it easier to wear tighter fitting clothing over them. Blakely, however, didn’t start off with a large check and lots of support – instead

Changes That Can Add Value To Your House - value, Projects, impression, house

Changes That Can Add Value To Your House

Making alternations to your house will do several positive things. Firstly and most obviously, it’ll allow you to enjoy the experience of living in your home. But it’ll also provide a way of safeguarding your cash savings against inflation. After all, the property market is going through an ongoing boom period, and the more of your money that you have tied up in your home, the more you’ll be able to reap the benefits when you come to sell further down the line. Hackett House, Canberra. Architecture & Interiors by Ben Walker Architects, built by Ewer Constructions, Architectural Photography by

Bucket List Places You Should Visit at Least Once - visit, the pyramids, rome, places, mount everest, machu picchu, grand canyon

Bucket List Places You Should Visit at Least Once

The world is an incredible place with some amazing places to visit, so how can you decide on where to go with so many great options? A travel bucket list can be a smart way to narrow down your options and help you to plan where to go and places to visit. Keep reading for a few places that should be on anyone’s bucket list and provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Machu Picchu Machu Picchu is one of the most common places on people’s bucket lists and it is easy to see why. This mysterious ancient Incan citadel is found high

4 Tips for Making Your Home a Stress-Free Sanctuary - system, stress frr, Sanctuary, orgaanization, natural light, go green, fresh air

4 Tips for Making Your Home a Stress-Free Sanctuary

Credit: Ketut Subiyanto Via Pexels Stress can come from several places. Perhaps work is particularly fast-paced right now. Maybe you care for young kids or elderly parents, and the demands on your time and energy are a little overwhelming. But stress can also come from the environment in which you live – the level of clutter, quality of light and air, and a lack of calming elements in the home. Thankfully, optimizing your home for stress relief isn’t that difficult. Below, you’ll find a few straightforward tips for turning your house or condo into a stress-free sanctuary. Partner with a Decluttering Service Clutter

The Beginner’s Guide to Yarn Selection - yarn, weight, selection, guide, fiber, brand

The Beginner’s Guide to Yarn Selection

Credit: Surene Palvie Via Pexels Most people who take up knitting start with the easiest materials available — after all, if you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy a craft, you don’t want to start with something you can’t handle. But as you invest more time in your knitting or crochet practice, you might start to notice that the kind of yarn you use plays a big role in what you can make. It can be hard to take your craft to the next level if you don’t have the right yarn, but it can also be hard to know what

How to Prepare Your Home for Summertime Get-Togethers - tidying, summertime, prepare, landscaping, home, driveway

How to Prepare Your Home for Summertime Get-Togethers

Credit: alabn via Canva Now that summer has kicked into overdrive, it is the perfect time to host guests for outdoor soirees. If you’re hoping to have frequent family barbecues, it’s time to ensure that every aspect of your abode is eye-catching and well-kempt. Asphalt and concrete are more noticeable than ever during the hotter months of the year. Patios, driveways, gardens, and lawns become the most pronounced aspects of home exteriors. It is not only an aesthetic matter; safety also needs to be considered. It’s important to pay special attention to your driveway and patio, particularly after a challenging

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