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Why Shouldn’t You Cut The Pizza Into Slices to Eat It?

The typical Italian dish that has managed to conquer the whole world is, without a doubt, pizza. Who can resist sharing a piece with friends or family? It turns out that cutting the pizza into portions is a mistake that the vast majority of us make. Discover the reasons and enjoy its flavor twice! What would the world do without pizza? Food that satisfies even the most demanding palate. Big, small, round, square, thick or thin… They come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors. It is the ideal dish to share with friends or family, either at home or in specialized restaurants. Thus, eating

The 6 Cleaning Commandments You Will Follow in 2021 - Lifestyle, everyday life, cleaning your home, cleaning commitments to follow, cleaning, 2021

The 6 Cleaning Commandments You Will Follow in 2021

From honoring the mop to sanctifying vinegar and baking soda. If you are addicted to cleaning (and the lessons), these are the commandments for 2021 that you must follow to the letter. 1. YOU WILL START WITH THE TASKS THAT ARE EASIER Pinterest Don’t be lazy! You can start in the living room. It is the busiest area of ​​the house and it must be always pristine. Wash the cushions, clean the sofa with the vacuum cleaner, the carpet, or vacuum the robot. The key to cleaning and not “dying” trying is to delegate tasks and pick up a little each day. 2.

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Top 10 Traditional Jewish Recipes

1. Hummus Masabacha (Hummus with Whole Chickpeas) Are you in love with hummus as much as I am? Then you must try this incredible Israeli style Hummus Masabacha recipe. Found in almost all restaurants across Israel and definitely sold in every supermarket, I have found the perfect recipe to make your own. Not just delicious, hummus is so healthy for one’s body, too!  Ingredients for Hummus Masabacha: ½ pound Chickpeas 2 tsp Baking soda 2 tbsp Kosher Salt 1 Onion 1 stalk Celery 1 Carrots 2 cloves Garlic 2 Bay leaf 1 sprig Rosemary 1 – 1½ cups Tahini ⅓

How to Get a Business Loan in 2021 - loan, credit score, business, assets, 2021

How to Get a Business Loan in 2021

With the COVID-19 posing a threat to business prosperity once again, the bright future we all hoped for seems rather far away. This year, the world had already experienced a rapid decline in economic activity when many businesses didn’t manage to survive the crisis and eventually shut down. Now we are bound to the question: what 2021 brings. Getting a Loan in 2021: What Will You Need? Getting a business loan isn’t always an easy thing. You need to prove to the bank that your company has a steady income and good credit history. However, with the financial crises upon

Are There Situations Where Selling A House Without A Real Estate Agent Makes Sense? - selling, house, bussiness

Are There Situations Where Selling A House Without A Real Estate Agent Makes Sense?

Is selling a house without a realtor a good idea?  It’s a question that has surely crossed the minds of many homeowners looking to put their properties on the market. In the real estate industry, selling your home on your own is known as an FSBO, which means For Sale By Owner. With an FSBO, no real estate agent is involved. Homeowners sell directly to buyers, sparing both parties from sometimes excessive commission fees. However, selling a house without a real estate agent doesn’t only make sense when you want to make more money from your property’s sale. Here are

10 Best Nail Polish Shades for the Winter Months - warm white, shimmery silver, rose, polish shades, nails, merlot, matte black, ice blue, gold, gary

10 Best Nail Polish Shades for the Winter Months

Throughout the year, colors are used to express the seasons. In the spring and summer months, people use a lot of bright shades in their wardrobe and decor. In the autumn season, individuals incorporate deep shades of orange, blue, and gray into many different outfits and products. As the winter rolls around, there is an influx of reds, forest greens, frosty blues, and winter whites. Typically, people want their nails to match the common colors of the season. In this article, we will share ten shades that are perfect for the winter months. 1. Merlot Merlot is a popular type

Put Your Health First: 4 Common Nutrient Deficiencies (and What to Do About It!) - vitamins, Lifestyle, health, covid-19

Put Your Health First: 4 Common Nutrient Deficiencies (and What to Do About It!)

You don’t need to have COVID-19 for the pandemic to impact your health. The present moment weighs on many people’s consciences: Struggles such as lost jobs, loved ones’ deaths, and social isolation aren’t good for anyone. Protecting your health during the time of COVID-19 requires a combination of tactics including mental coping strategies, social distancing measures, mask-wearing, and good nutrition. The situation’s sad reality is that those things are easier said than done. The pandemic boosted an already-rampant hunger crisis and nutrient deficiencies in the United States. Yet, good nutrition is one of the most basic tools to fight the virus. You need to know

6 Things Ordered People Would Never Have - Lifestyle, home decor, decorations, declutter, clutter, 6 things people would never have

6 Things Ordered People Would Never Have

Do you consider yourself an orderly person? If the answer is yes, you may change your mind when you read this. Someone with an order in their DNA would never have any of this at home. Take an example! 1. THE “JUNK ROOM” Pinterest An orderly person would never, ever dedicate a room in his house to “junk”. Never! Precisely because they do not save to save. All they have is because they actually use it. There is no worthwhile junk. 2. A DRAWER OF SOCKS WITHOUT A PARTNER Pinterest Socks that don’t come out of the washing machine go into which dark black

Cabinet for Every Zodiac Sign - Interior Decor, furnniture, furniture ideas, decorations, decor ideas, decor

Cabinet for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries, Leo, Pisces… Each zodiac sign has special characteristics, and that means that there is also a piece of furniture that is ideal for everyone! ARIES: SOFA IN RED Pinterest Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Its element is the earth and it represents strength, passion, character. But so much activity and energy can make people of this sign fall exhausted at the end of the day. The best way to disconnect is a spacious sofa with soft seats. The red cover is another representation of that inner force that moves and dominates them. TAURUS: DESK Pinterest People who were born

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank - winter, Projects, interior design, improvement, home, declutter

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash Winter is upon us, and you will be stuck indoors for a while before you get any signs of spring. Have you prepared your home for the winter season? Maybe you got too preoccupied with your gardening in summer and early autumn that you completely neglected the indoors. Fortunately, there is no need to despair, as you can still salvage the situation with these pocket-friendly improvements. 1.Repainting No one wants to stare at the neutral-colored walls of their house the whole winter. It is time to brighten the mood by introducing some

Why is Dom Pérignon the Perfect Champagne to Ring in the New Year? - New Year, Dom Pérignon, celebration

Why is Dom Pérignon the Perfect Champagne to Ring in the New Year?

Dom Pérignon is associated to luxury. It is produced by Moët & Chandon, part of the largest high-end group in the world: LVMH (Louis Vuitton). The name is directly linked to the creation of champagne wine, as we now know it today, since Dom Pérignon influenced the winemakers in the region to step away from red wine, which was the main production in Champagne, at the time. Today, Dom Pérignon is without a doubt the champagne brand name most shared in special occasions. Why is Dom Pérignon Champagne so Unique? The Champagne region is one of the most difficult climates

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget - quick DIY, outdoor, kitchen, grill, diy

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is creating an outdoor kitchen in your yard. This is more than just a BBQ and some patio chairs: an outdoor kitchen will transform your backyard into a place for entertaining, grilling and dining with family and friends. It can be a costly endeavour, but if you want to create an outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank, here are our tips. Pick the Right Spot The location of your outdoor kitchen is important, no matter what your budget is. You will want to have it as close to your back door as

Ways to Serve Grapes on New Year's Eve - serving grapes, new year's eve, New Year, healthy food, grapes, food, Drinks

Ways to Serve Grapes on New Year’s Eve

On December 31 at 11:59 p.m., most of us will be eating the grapes and wishing for a lot of things for the year that begins. How Mecano would say:”… between shouts and whistles the Spaniards. Huge, short, we do for once, something at a time.” But not all of us do it in the same way and even more so if you are a deco fan who always seeks to surprise with their ideas. Serving grapes on a plate is not the same as making that moment a detail that speaks of you. That is why we wanted to share with you

It’s 2021, Here’s What You Should Be Doing Before Buying Skincare Products - tips, skincare, products, beauty

It’s 2021, Here’s What You Should Be Doing Before Buying Skincare Products

The market is flooded with skincare products for all skin types, conditions, and budgets. From Asian beauty to drugstore brands, there is plenty to choose from, and it can get both overwhelming and confusing. Most skincare forums ask people to do their research when buying products. However, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Here’s how you should go about it. Figure Out Your Skin Type Since skincare routines are as unique as people, you will have to build one suited to your skin’s needs. Your first step in doing that is to figure out what type

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Seven Men’s Hats and How to Wear Them Well

When it comes to most occasions, a hat can be the perfect accessory. Who knew that there were so many different types, and not all are suitable for specific events or venues? From men’s winter dress hats to casual ones, we bring you a selection of styles. Continue reading for our guide to seven men’s hats and how to wear them well. 1.Pork Pie First donned by women in the 19th century, the pork pie became a staple in men’s wardrobes in the 1920s. This surge in popularity was due to Buster Keaton creating a signature look with one. In

Biggest Tech Trends to Watch in 2021 - trends, top trends, technology

Biggest Tech Trends to Watch in 2021

Technology is taking over the world, and you may not even notice it. Some of the top tech trends are flying under the radar but are making significant changes to the world around us, including artificial intelligence (AI). According to research from Gartner, about 80 percent of the emerging technologies in 2021 will involve some sort of artificial intelligence. It’s important to stay ahead of the trends and keep current with emerging tech news to ensure you don’t fall behind in this digital age of information. Keep reading this guide to discover the top tech trends in 2021 that could make

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