Do you know what a pet space is?

In this space, the animals can play, run and move freely in an environment designed entirely for them. Most animal sites feature ramps, tunnels, arches, and other obstacles for the animal to expend energy and have fun.

The space is also usually lined with grass, natural or synthetic, to make the kitten even more comfortable.

The pet space can also be used to exercise and train dogs safely.

Some models of pet places also offer a space dedicated to animal hygiene, for example with space for bathing and grooming, which can either be managed by a company in the pet industry or used by the residents themselves, since inside the home it is not always easy to house the animal bathe and take care of hygiene as it should.


What are the benefits of a pet space?

Animal welfare

One of the biggest benefits of the pet space is animal welfare. In the limited space of the current apartments, the cat cannot move and expend all the energy that it should.

The result of this is a stressed animal or in other cases a down and even depressed animal.

Therefore, the pet area turned out to be the ideal place to get the four-legged friend out of everyday life and give him moments of relaxation and interaction, after all, this is also the perfect place for new friendships.

It’s even worth noting that the interaction between pet and tutor will increase, even more, making you and your furry friend even more inseparable,

Animal Health

The pet area also benefits the health of the animals, as sedentary animals are more likely to develop diseases such as obesity. You can use the pet space as an outdoor gym for your pet and make them have a more fulfilling, healthier and happier life.


No stress with other residents

Another great benefit of the pet space is that it avoids possible disagreements with other residents.

In condominiums that do not have this animal recreation area, other residents may feel uncomfortable and unsafe in the presence of animals roaming common areas.

But the pet space welcomes cats and their tutors and keeps those uncomfortable around animals away.

Security and tranquillity

The pet space is also a place that offers much more security and peace of mind for animals and caregivers.

However, inside the pet space, the cat is safe from the road where a break from the leash could cause a fatal accident.

Real estate appraisal

Did you know that pet space can still represent an appreciation of your property?

Yes, with the increasing demand for this space in condominiums, the trend is that objects in this structure are more valued and sought after in the real estate market.


Practicality in everyday life

Modern life is busy for everyone, isn’t it? The problem is that they often don’t have the time or inclination to go to the street or square to walk the pet.

However, if the condominium is equipped with a pet space, then the resident gains practicality since he does not have to make large displacements to walk the cat.

If the pet place has a bath and grooming even better do you agree?

Integration between residents

Finally, the pet place also becomes a possibility for the integration and coexistence of the residents.

Although it is a place created for pets, residents also gather there to chat and have a good time in the company of people different from those they are used to.

This integration even favours the initiative for condominium improvements and a greater sense of community, bonding and collaboration between all.


At many pet sites, females are not allowed in during the mating season. The presence of females also makes the other animals restless, which can lead to fights between them.

So watch out for these cases.

Guide the children

The pet space can easily be mistaken for a playground by younger children. It is up to the parents to point out to the children that this is an area dedicated only to animals.

Children can visit the place as long as they are accompanied by their parents and their pet, but never alone.

Observe the condominium rules

Observing and respecting condominium rules is essential for the pet space to truly be all it can be. The rules exist to make the environment safer, quieter and healthier for everyone. Therefore, before entering with your kitty, read all recommendations and follow them.

Most pet sites are designed for dogs only. The presence of other animals such as cats and birds is generally prohibited due to the risk of accidents.

Another frequent recommendation concerns the hygiene of the place. When you bring your dog to the animal sanctuary, always remember to collect the droppings and dispose of them in the designated place.

Tutors are also responsible for maintaining the pet facility. Therefore, do not allow your pet to bite or scratch the device. It may also be forbidden to take toys to the pet site, just so as not to cause confusion between the animals.

Only use what the animal site offers.

The same applies to food. Don’t feed your kitten at the pet place. Have him offer that snack he likes so much when you get home, okay?

Now that you know what a pet space is, grab the leash, call your friend, and enjoy walking around this special space and having a good time together.