For many people, a home or family isn’t complete without a four-legged friend or two. Beyond unconditional love, cozy snuggles, and fun, having a pet has numerous other benefits. Studies even show that people with pets live a longer, more fulfilling life. But all those benefits don’t come without a price. From introducing a new puppy into your home, house training, obedience schooling, or just cleaning a litter box, it’s not without work. While the hard work is definitely worth it, sometimes keeping your home neat, clean and organized when you’ve got pets at home can feel overwhelming. Keep reading for tips on how to keep your home looking beautiful without losing out on too much snuggle time.

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Organized Chaos

If you’re already a parent or someone with a lot of possessions, you understand the importance of keeping the chaos in your home organized. Just like children, pets come with many belongings to keep them healthy and happy. From toys to treats, it’s best if everything that your pet requires has a home within your home. Having bins, baskets, and drawers dedicated to your pet’s paraphernalia helps keep them thriving and you sane. Ensure the items are in the areas where they are used, making them easy to find when you need them. Toys in the living area, treats in the pantry, you get the idea. 

Bust That Dust

For many people, the biggest obstacle to keeping their home clean with pets in the household is the amount of dust and dander that seems to come along with pet ownership. Maybe before you adopted your pet, you researched as much as possible. From weird dog breeds without hair to hypoallergenic breeds that wouldn’t irritate your allergies, you may have thought you’d keep a leg up on the debris that comes with animals in the house. No matter what breed you decide on, the best way to keep the dust and hair at bay is to banish it before it becomes a big problem. From dust busters to swiffers, having plenty of ways to keep the hair at bay is your best bet at keeping a clean home. And, don’t forget the lint rollers to keep your outfits on point!

Scent Matters

Another aspect of pet ownership that can detract from the coziness and cleanliness of your home is the literal smell of a cat or dog in the house. Of course, keeping a clean litter box and well-groomed pet is step one to keeping pet smells out of the home, but don’t stop there. Investing in essential oil diffusers, candles, and other ways to freshen your home is important when sharing a household with four-legged friends. Of course, if you have a cat, make sure you’re using essential oils that are safe around felines, as they are much more sensitive to the oils than their canine counterparts.

Air It Out

No matter how many candles you burn or how clean you keep your furniture, sometimes nothing works like just cracking some windows. Whether you own a pet or not, regularly airing out your home is a great way to banish unwanted smells and reduce indoor allergens. Even when it’s cold outside, it’s a good idea to open up some windows and let the sunshine in for several hours a week. Did you know that airing your home can boost your mood and productivity? If you’re like many other people working from home with Fido at your feet, give yourself and your pets a midday boost by opening up the windows and reaping the cleaning benefits. 

Regular Grooming

Even if a bi-weekly visit to the groomers isn’t in your household budget, take time to clean your pets yourself. Keeping their coats fresh reduces their smell and helps to get rid of excess hair that would normally be shed throughout the house. Washing and brushing their hair also keeps them healthy and comfortable on top of the clean benefits to you and your home.

While it may seem like it takes extra work and effort to keep your home looking and smelling fresh when you’re a pet owner, these small steps and investments are 100% worth it when you look into the eyes of your beloved furry family member. Keep everyone healthy and happy by ensuring you’re implementing the steps mentioned above. Now, get your snuggle on!