So you’ve decided to welcome a dog into your lives? This new chapter is an exciting one that is sure to be an adventure. We’d be lying if we said introducing a puppy into your family home was easy, but once the initial change has happened and everyone is settled in, it’s a fun and enjoyable time.

Introducing A New Puppy Into Your Family Home - puppy, introduce, home, family, dog

Here are some of our top tips for welcoming your new furry family member into your home.

Essentials your dog needs at home

Firstly, your dog will want to feel as comfortable as possible in their new home which is why we have created a list of everything you should have ready for their arrival:

  • a bed and blanket
  • some food (ideally, you want to ask the breeder what food they used)
  • food and water bowls
  • treats
  • collar and lead (don’t forget ID tags)
  • a crate (if you plan to crate train)
  • a stairgate (if you’re going to limit rooms or floors)
  • puppy toilet training pads

You may also invest in some dog toys to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged. If you don’t have a backyard make sure to include some indoor grass patches so they can enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. There are a few reasons why dogs love rolling on grass – from helping them cool down on a hot day to simply enjoying the texture. By having grass patches at home, your dog can continue to enjoy these benefits even when they are inside.

Bringing your puppy home

You should look to collect your puppy in the morning as this will give it a whole day in its new home and get used to the surroundings way before bedtime. When your puppy gets home, it may be nervous and not move from one sport, or they may be excited and want to run around. Before you let them run around the house, you should ensure any doors are closed to off-limit rooms.

Introduce them to ‘their room’

Once they feel comfortable, let them run around and explore the room they will be spending most of their time in. This should be where their crate or bed and water and food bowl is. Once they have explored all of the areas they can, they will start to feel more confident and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Introduce them to children

Now your dog has settled down you can introduce them to any children in your home. You should tell the children to be calm and not rush over to the puppy.

Tell them to wait for the dog to approach them and to gently pet them if the puppy allows it and doesn’t run away. If the puppy does walk or run off, don’t let the children chase it. Other golden rules to follow:

  • Don’t let them pull at the puppy
  • Don’t let them pick up the puppy (unless you supervise them)
  • Don’t let them wake the puppy when it’s sleeping.

If they have an accident

When you bring a new puppy home there is a big chance they will go to the toilet on your floor. Puppy pads are a great option to have dotted around the house but one of the best things to do is keep putting your puppy outside every 20 minutes.

Let them run outside for a while and every time they go to the toilet praise them and give them a treat. Dogs are creatures of habit and if they notice that every time they go to the toilet outside they get a treat, they’ll soon learn that’s the best thing to do.

Introducing your puppy to your family home can be difficult to get used to, but they will soon settle in and become part of the family.