If you know your history, you will know that William Penn, an early writer, and Quaker was the founder of Pennsylvania. He acquired this land through King Charles II. The king was in debt to Penn’s father, so in return, he gave William a large piece of land in America to pay off his debt to the Penn family.

This is significant because this made Pennsylvania one of the original thirteen colonies, so it is a big part of this nation’s history. Many historical events have occurred in this state.

5 Tips for a Successful Pennsylvania Road Trip - west to east, visit, scranton, road trip, pennsylvania, major cities, abandoned towns

If you are a huge history buff and or you want to take a stroll through Pennsylvania then, below are five tips for touring this historical state.

Take your time

On any road trip, you do not want to rush through it and miss anything. Take your time and visit everything that you feel would interest you.  You can visit Independence Hall, the Mint, Betsy Ross’s house, and so much more in the eastern part of the state.

If you are into the outdoors, you can also take the scenic route.  Parts of the Appalachian Mountains are on the east side of the state.   The Appalachians are a beautiful mountain range. Take your time and suck up the scenery.

Try to visit all three major cities

There are three considerable cities in each part of Pennsylvania. In the west, there is Pittsburgh. In the central part of the state, there is Harrisburg, and in the east there is Philadelphia.

There are several unique areas in each of these cities. So, do your homework and find what interests you.  But, try to visit as much of each city as your time on the road permits.

Go west to east

The western part of Pennsylvania is different from the eastern region. But both areas have their charm.  A lot of people prefer to go west to east because they end close to the Jersey shore.

Go to the abandoned towns

If you are into scary and creepy things, Pennsylvania has several eerie, old abandoned towns that will be sure to scare you. Also, these towns have a lot of history behind them.

Go to Scranton

Scranton is home to one of the most legendary television shows ever, The Office. If you are a big fan of the show, then this is a great city for you. Also, there are many great RV dealers near Scranton, PA.


Pennsylvania can be a great place to take a road trip through because of the number of historical events that have occurred throughout the whole state. The big cities are so spaced out, which creates an excellent environment for a road trip. Pittsburgh is on the west, Harrisburg is in central PA, and Philadelphia is on the east.

This allows you to go in a straight line throughout the state and hit three main cities in which each has significant importance for the state. Pennsylvania is an excellent place to visit and one of the best states to road trip through.

Make sure you bring out your notebook to see and document everything that makes this state so unique and historical.