If you have a dog, you probably enjoy buying her things. Below are a bunch of great accessory ideas for your pup. Try a few of these, and you’re sure to have a happy dog at home.

6 Essential Accessories For Your Pup! - puzzle dish, pup, kong toy, essentials, elevated bed, dog crate, dog boots, baby gate

1. Dog Boots

Do you live in a cold environment in the northern United States or Canada? Then you will want to protect your dog’s feet when it’s cold and wet outside. These dog boots will keep her feet warm and dry no matter how yucky it is outside.

Dog boots also are suitable for hot asphalt, rocky terrain, glass shards, road salt, and more. They also are good for playing when it’s muddy, so you don’t need to spend time wiping their feet off.

If your dog spends several hours in the cold every day, it’s essential to keep her feet protected, and this accessory fits the bill.

2. Dog Crate

Many professional breeders recommend crate training your dog. A crate makes it much easier to housebreak your pup, so there aren’t any accidents in the house.

When she’s a puppy, the idea is to keep her in the crate when you can’t watch her. Dogs will rarely soil their bed, so you can take advantage of this instinct as you housebreak her.

Of course, you shouldn’t leave a dog in the cage for more than an hour or two during the day. The crate also can help you get through the ‘destructive puppy’ phase, so your shoes and furniture stay intact.

3. Baby Gate

We love our dogs, but sometimes they can get into places we don’t want them. And that’s why a simple baby gate is a fantastic accessory to have in the home.

For example, a young dog who is curious and bored might sneak upstairs, bang open the bathroom door, and shred the toilet paper.

As the dog matures, you may be able to trust her in all parts of the home, but a baby gate can keep your home protected.

4. Kong Toy

You can always buy your dog bones and chews, but some dog owners like to use a Kong toy to keep their pups busy and entertained.

The King is a large rubber toy with a hollow center that you can fill with peanut butter, dog food, fruit, and whatever else your pup loves. Dogs can spend an hour or more licking the Kong to get treats out.

Want to make it last longer? Fill it with peanut butter and dog treats and freeze it.

5. Elevated Bed

Most of us buy warm, cozy dog beds, but these can be too hot for some dogs, especially in warm weather. Also, panting keeps a dog awake, so another option is an elevated, mesh dog bed.

These beds are made with breathable mesh and set about six inches off the ground. With the bed elevated, cool air circulates below and keeps the pup comfortable if they tend to get hot.

Mesh dog beds are compact, easy to transport, and usually hold up to 90 pounds.

6. Puzzle Dish

Does your dog like to suck down two cups of food in 30 seconds? This may lead to weight gain, and eating food too quickly can cause vomiting.

But a puzzle dish, also known as a slow feed bowl, helps slow your pup down. As a result, the dog will eat slower, which helps control their portions and improves digestion.

The puzzle dish also provides mental stimulation as they figure out how to get the food in their bellies.

With these cool dog accessories, you can keep your pup content, well, fed, and entertained. It can’t get any better than that.