Cats tend to enjoy a life of luxury, and if you aren’t careful they may overindulge in their days of lounging about.

They aren’t like dogs in the sense that they won’t be demanding a walk every day at 6 pm sharp, often they’re quite happy to chill – quite frankly, I can relate.

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You have to keep them active though. For the sake of their own health, they really should be getting out and about. If they’re out more they will have more energy and will want to play more, so it’s in their interests as well as yours; you’ll get more out of your little pal.

Engage Their Mind

Cats can be a bit stubborn and using that is a great way to get them moving – play games and set little challenges that end in treats.

Teach your cat some tricks to keep them mentally stimulated. It’s simple but it’s effective. Cats love the challenge and will be more than happy to roll a ball around for hours if there’s a tasty treat inside.

While their play drive is nowhere near that of their K9 counterparts, you can still get a good hour out of them most days.

Give Them Freedom

Dogs are like kids, cats are like teenagers. If you keep them locked in the house they’ll just lounge about and moan.

I like to think of cats as semi-domesticated because if given the chance they’d happily wander the nearby neighbourhoods.

While house cats are becoming more popular you may as well let your cat out for a little wander, they’ll come back – you have the food after all!

If they are going to be in and out, invest in a collar that has your information on it in the unlikely instance of your cat getting lost – they have a great sense of direction!

Preferably, get them a collar with a bell on it so that they are less likely to bring their ‘winnings’ home.

Switch Up Their Diet

Speaking of winnings, your cat is more than likely fond of meat, and if you want to improve its health you may want to consider raw cat food.

They are natural carnivores and truth be told, if they are out and about then they are probably eating raw anyways.

You’ll see a huge improvement in energy with food that they are able to break down more easily. When you eat processed meals during the week your energy drops, right? The same goes for your cat.

You don’t even have to worry about hitting the right nutritional balance with lots of premium prep companies available.

Get Them A Cat Tree

If they want to lounge, make them work for it! Cats love cat trees as their own space and with multi-layered models available that have integrated toys, it will encourage more play.

It’s a pricey investment but it’s worth it. Their elevated hut will encourage more climbing and will keep their joints healthy and working.