17 Rustic Mountain House Exterior Design Ideas - rustic mountain house, rustic house, mountain house, exterior

17 Rustic Mountain House Exterior Design Ideas

Dream homes are often about extravagant interiors, luxurious decor and expansive rooms that surround you with opulence. But that is not the only way of creating a magical setting that leaves you spellbound. Rustic style of exterior design is also very popular and attractive especially for the mountain houses. Rustic mountain houses look absolutely amazing. Check out the following rustic house exterior design ideas and enjoy. Source: www.locatiarchitects.com Source: www.peacedesign.com Source: www.wyarch.com Source: tkparch.com Source: lohssconstruction.com Source: www.mpkelley.com Source: www.vertical-arts.com Source: www.landsenddev.com Source: paddlecreek.com Source: www.centresky.com Source: www.centresky.com Source: www.peacedesign.com Source: cseandassociates.com Source: www.ekmandesign.com Source: www.mountainconcepts.com Source: www.designworksdevelopment.com Source: www.karlneumannphoto.com

23 DIY Tutorials for Fancy Earrings - fancy earrings, fancy, Earrings, earring, DIY earrings, diy, creative

23 DIY Tutorials for Fancy Earrings

Earrings are cute addition to every outfit and add a dose of style. Sometimes you just can’t find earrings as you imagine – earrings that are perfect fit for your appearance. Hey guess what?! With little creativity you can do them by yourself. This is a great way to expand your jewelry collection and express your imagination. This time we gathered for you 23 DIY tutorials for fancy earrings. At first sight they may seem complicated, but with a little guidance you can make them with ease and confidence. Source: fallfordiy.com Source: mintedstrawberry.blogspot.ca Source: undercoverdiyer.com Source: lc.pandahall.com Source: quietlioncreations.blogspot.com Source: ilovedoityourself.com Source:

20 Elegant and Glamorous Evening Gowns - wedding gown, Special Occasion gowns, gowns, gown dress, gown, extravagant gowns, evening gowns

20 Elegant and Glamorous Evening Gowns

Here we present you 20 elegant and glamorous evening gowns that look spectacular. These evening gowns are perfect for every special occasion when you want to look spectacular. Also these evening gowns are ideal for weddings. Check them and find the perfect gown for you. Design by Ivonne D Exclusively for Mon Cheri on www.missesdressy.com Design by Temptations on www.missesdressy.com Design by Alyce Black Label on www.missesdressy.com Design by Nina Canacci on www.missesdressy.com Design by Nika Formals on www.missesdressy.com Design by Blush by Alexia on www.missesdressy.com Design by Morrell Maxie on www.missesdressy.com Design by La Femme on www.missesdressy.com Design by

20 Luxurious Penthouses That Will Take Your Breath Away - penthouses, penthouse, Luxurious, home decor, apartments, apartment design

20 Luxurious Penthouses That Will Take Your Breath Away

Penthouses are apartments that are on the top floor, or near the top, of an apartment building or other structure. While mansions are perfectly suited for owners who enjoy living out in the suburbs and open areas, luxurious penthouse designs are for those who enjoy living the high life right in the core of a busy city center. Penthouses tend to incorporate modern architecture and design and they are distinguished by their magnificent view and luxury amenities. The combination of privacy, top floor location and extravagant interior features often makes the penthouse suite something only affluent can afford. Take a look at the

22 Sweet, Tangy and Fresh Smoothie Recipes You Will Love - sweets, smoothie recipes, fruit smoothies, Fruit

22 Sweet, Tangy and Fresh Smoothie Recipes You Will Love

In honor of the warmer weather and dessert lovers everywhere, here are some tasty sweet smoothie recipes for you to enjoy. Not only are they simple to make, but they’re the perfect dessert that is healthy at the same time. Whether you’re sitting by the pool or hanging out in the yard with friends, these fruit smoothie recipes will be a hit! So stock up on fruit , get a working blender and enjoy the simple sweetness of these fruit smoothie recipes. Berry-Beet Smoothie Recipe: www.floatingkitchen.net Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe: fitfoodiefinds.com Chocolate Almond Smoothie Recipe: www.flavourandsavour.com Orange Smoothie – Banana Recipe: osmykolorteczy.blog.pl

23 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas   - swimming pool, pool, indoor swimming pool, indoor

23 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

As opposed to an outdoor one, an indoor pool offers privacy. Indoor swimming pools bring together aesthetics and ergonomics in a breathtaking manner. These inspired pools add glint to your luxurious indoor spa and complete your workout space with elegance and style. Indoor swimming pools are quickly becoming incredibly popular, thanks to the many advantages and year-round benefits they offer. Take a look at the following indoor swimming pool ideas and enjoy.  Source: etfishburn.com Source: www.visbeen.com Source: alkapool.com Source: www.visbeen.com Source: www.inspiration-architects.co.uk Source: southshoremillwork.com Source: www.kaileyflynnphotography.com Source: www.rillarchitects.com Source: www.ebmahoney.com Source: www.rmps.com Source: www.bluestoneconstruction.com Source: vandusenarchitects.com Source: desarch.com Source: www.abramsonteiger.com Source:

What to Wear for St. Patricks Day: 17 Stylish Outfit Ideas in Green - St. Patrick's Day outfit ideas, St. Patrick's Day, Outfit ideas, green outfit, green

What to Wear for St. Patricks Day: 17 Stylish Outfit Ideas in Green

Here we offer you stylish outfit ideas that you can use like inspiration for what to wear on St. Patrick Day. If you love the tradition and you want to wear green then the following outfit ideas are perfect for you, check them out and decide what is going to be your outfit for St. Patrick Day. Without dressing yourself perfectly to suit the occasion, the celebration for St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete. What might in theory be a celebration of Irish culture, has become in recent years an excuse to party! So while you’re out having a good

16 Stunning Bracelets for Complete Look - Stylish, stunning, jewelry, Elegant, bracelets, bracelet, Accessories

16 Stunning Bracelets for Complete Look

The perfect bracelet can complete a perfect outfit. For all lovers of accessories take a look at this modern and cute combination of 16 bracelets in different colors and sizes. It is said that the girls who love to wear bracelets are very creative persons. So check our collection of suggestions and awake your creativity. The bracelets will give you elegant and sophisticated look. For all elegant celebrations you should wear small bracelets, and with everyday casual combination you can try bigger, statement bracelets. Your choice depends on your personal personal taste and outfit. Source: www.parkandcube.com Source: www.scentofobsession.com Source: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.fr Source: www.fashionhippieloves.com

17 Chic All-White Outfit Ideas - white out, White, Outfit ideas, outfit, fashion, all white outfit ideas, all white

17 Chic All-White Outfit Ideas

As much as we love the sleek simplicity and the slimming effect of an all-black outfit, we’re equally partial to white-on-white ensembles as well. Inherently more eye-catching, head-to-toe snowy clothes look crisp, clean and completely confident. White monochromatic outfit was a fixture on last spring catwalks and continues to be a prominent presence in retailer’s seasonal lookbooks and shopping selections. Take a look at the following 17 All White outfit ideas and enjoy! Source: www.brooklynblonde.com Source: www.thesweetestthingblog.com Source: www.memorandum.com Source: fashionhippieloves.com Source: themysteriousgirl.ro Source: www.happilygrey.com Source: lovely-pepa.com Source: www.kayture.com Source: vivaluxury.blogspot.com Source: www.brooklynblonde.com Source: stylelovely.com Source: 9to5chic.com Source: stylelovely.com Source: tsangtastic.com Source: www.besugarandspice.com Source: thetiafox.com Source:

Which Cartoon Character’s Car Could Be Most Useful in Real Life? -

Which Cartoon Character’s Car Could Be Most Useful in Real Life?

We are used to looking at cartoon character’s cars as things just to laugh at. There is no way that any of them could be useful or practical in real life, is there? Well, maybe if we take a look at a few of the most memorable cars from cartoon history we will find there is one that you might actually enjoy driving. Fred Flintstone’s Ecologically Friendly Car It doesn’t look very flash and it doesn’t go very fast but the Flintstones’ stone car has a few touches that could make it useful in the future. The first benefit is

Soft Pastel Nails for Cute Chic Look – 17 Adorable Nail Art Ideas - pastel nail art, pastel colors, pastel, nail designs, nail art ideas

Soft Pastel Nails for Cute Chic Look – 17 Adorable Nail Art Ideas

Pastel nails are perfect for spring and summer. Cute, soft, pastel colors are ideal if you want to achieve adorable chic look on your nails. You can choose from palette of sweet pastel colors and have pastel nail art just in one color, like baby pink, blue or green. Or you can make a combination of more pastel color and enjoy in a soft but colorful nail art. For inspiration check out the following 17 adorable nail art ideas in pastel color that look perfect for the following spring and summer days. You can always add some sparkles; pearls and

St. Patrick Decoration Ideas- 17 Great DIY Projects to Make - St. Patrick's Day, Diy St. Patrick's Day Decorations, diy home decor

St. Patrick Decoration Ideas- 17 Great DIY Projects to Make

You’ll love these free great DIY March décor projects and DIY ideas for how to decorate for St. Patricks Day, and fun lucky crafts.  Put a wreath on the door, throw a party, or just add a splash of green to your house. Bring the luck of the Irish to your home with these amazing decorations that you can make on your own without spending too much time and money.  Find inspirational yet simple diy decorating ideas for St. Patrick’s Day from the following photos. Paper Banner Source: lilluna.com Apothecary Jars Source: www.uncommondesignsonline.com 3D Decoration Source: howaboutorange.blogspot.com Lucky Pillow Source: thelittlefabricshop.blogspot.com Four Leaf Clover Towel Source: www.uncommondesignsonline.com

18 Cool Teen Lounge Design Ideas Perfect for Hangouts and Parties - teenage bedroom, teen room design ideas, teen lounge design ideas, lounge design ideas, kids rooms, family room

18 Cool Teen Lounge Design Ideas Perfect for Hangouts and Parties

Teens want a cool place to bring friends that feels personalized and unique. If you let them have a say in the design, they will appreciate it even more! I’ve found some sophisticated and fun designs that your teen will love. There are options for girls, boys teen hangouts that all of the siblings can enjoy. Turning an extra room in your home into a lounge for your teens can definitely get you on the short list for parent of the year – and designing it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Let you teens help so they can

Office Chic Style: 17 Classy and Elegant Outfit Ideas - Work outfit, Outfit ideas, office outfits, office chic

Office Chic Style: 17 Classy and Elegant Outfit Ideas

Whether your office is casual and creative, or buttoned-up and sophisticated, get inspired from the following high style work-appropriate looks. The vision of a successful working woman is one of feminine chic tempered with smart professionalism.  So, the challenge of dressing successfully for work is all about balancing these two forces- professional and chic. Understanding professional chic is critical to dressing successfully at work. Too smart or conservative and we pickle ourselves in a vat of austerity. Too fashionable or chic and we suffocate others in a cloud of our own self-expression. The classic look is probably the most common and easiest way

Mysterious, Dark, Dramatic - 20 Exquisite Black Wall Living Room Ideas - walls, wall, living rooms, Living room, home design, black walls, black wall, Black

Mysterious, Dark, Dramatic – 20 Exquisite Black Wall Living Room Ideas

You don’t have to be afraid of going dark with your decor and interior design. The spaces in these photos are sophisticated, seductive, and sure to make a dramatic statement in any season. Black walls don’t mean sacrificing color elsewhere. Like the little black dress, the big black wall will compliment just about any accessory, and can handle a fair amount of other colors in the same room. Dark walls can help tie together pieces from different eras, giving the whole room a look that’s cohesive and up-to-date. Using black paint on your room’s walls is recommended when you have contrasting furniture

Stylish Ways to Wear Tartan: 27 Outfit Ideas - tartan outfit ideas, tartan outfit, tartan, Stylish, plaid, Outfit ideas, outfit idea, outfit, fashion

Stylish Ways to Wear Tartan: 27 Outfit Ideas

Tartan is a plaid textile design and has Scottish origin. It consists of stripes, of different width and color. You can wear tartan shirts, pants and coats. If you don’t like to go into extremes than you should wear tartan scarf because by adding this to your outfit you will have trendy look. Tartan goes well with dark jeans and chunky sweaters. Chunky knits and plaid are essential layering pieces. Let your plaid shirt stand out under a bold sweater in one of the same hues. If you don’t want the look to skew preppy wear it with relaxed jeans,

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