You may have already read up on how lighting can affect the presentation of a room, or simply be wondering what kind of lighting is best for your daily needs. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and so much will depend on the wiring of your home. We’ve created an illuminating room by room guide to interior lighting styles, so look no further for inspiration.



Keep your bedroom stylish and sensible by placing your light to complement your wardrobe – work with any sources of natural lighting when placing a ceiling light so that you can see your whole self in the mirror when getting dressed. Turn down the lights with a dimmer switch or invest in some warmly coloured bedside lamps to set the mood and let your eyes adjust to darkness.



The most important aspect of bathroom lighting is vanity lighting – which needs to be both flattering and effective. To light up your whole face and minimise any unfortunate shadows, Better Homes and Gardens advise placing two lights either side of the bathroom mirror, totally about 75 watts. Be sure to have a safe overhead light over the tub or shower as well, matching your fixtures to the style of your bathroom.



A well lit kitchen is a safe and stylish kitchen. When choosing a bulb, go for a higher wattage for extra light, and try not to choose a lampshade that obscures it, especially near the worktops. Metallic pendant fixtures are a great way to add spots of light distributed around the room, while evoking a professional chef feel.

Living Room

Similarly to the bedroom, your living room is a place to relax and have fun – so building up the light applies here too. One overhead light, some sconces to highlight any art, photographs, or period architecture, and some freestanding lamps dotted around means that you can customise the mood lighting, ideal for parties for for a night in. Have fun choosing fixtures – for country decor mismatched lampshades look cute, while coloured lanterns complement a variety of styles both traditional and modern.


While it may be tempting to not think about the decor of the utilities room, remember that even if guests don’t spend time there, you do. It is likely that space will be limited, so if you have no sources of natural light, opt for a simple hanging lampshade that complements the colour scheme of the room.



The hallway and stairwell are likely to have some tricky shadows, so make them warm and welcoming. Wall sconces along the wall evenly distribute light whilst drawing attention to photographs, making a great talking point.