In the current economic climate in the west, selling one’s home is not an easy game. Buyers will be looking to get as much as they can for their money, and really treat the purchase as a long-term investment. That said, upgrading your property doesn’t have to be uber expensive or time consuming – often the little things make a huge difference. If you are looking to smarten up your home on a budget, here are some foolproof ideas.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location fame advises that the best room to upgrade is the kitchen. It’s a multipurpose room, used not just for cooking but for relaxing, dining, studying or working, and entertaining. The most obvious and one of the easiest ways to add value to your kitchen is to upgrade the appliances: a higher spec oven and fridge will be hugely appreciated by a buyer after they move in. Make sure that all the equipment and decor work together and get cracking, as an updated kitchen could increase your property’s value by up to 4.6%.


Repaint and Refurbish

One of the best ways to smarten up any atmosphere is to add a fresh lick of paint – especially if your walls have been neglected for a while. While the costs of the materials can set you back up to £150, a fresh new look could significantly raise the asking price of your home. If you’ve always had a good idea for a feature wall, or wondered how to make the most of the natural light in your property, now is the time to experiment. Don’t ignore any furnishings in need of TLC either. Even if you will be taking your furniture with you when you move, update any worn upholstery to have everything looking spic and span. Tidying up and either disposing of, or storing any worn out or excess furniture and adding mirrors will impress prospective buyers on visits by showcasing the space available in the property.

Up the Energy Efficiency

With the EU creating energy saving targets in all its member states, having some energy efficient features in your property can really add value, as well as saving you money while you are living there. Home insulation is especially important for the colder months, adds some life to the boiler, and saves money on the costs of heating your home as less energy escapes through the walls. Solar panels are also a very lucrative addition to any property. The British Government offers a green deal to homeowners looking to add energy efficient upgrades to their property by assisting with the upfront costs.