Cordoba is a cozy city in southern Spain that welcomes tourists with the beauty of small houses, narrow streets, sometimes resembling a maze, and the traditions of Muslim culture.  The city has a long history dating back to the 8th century BC, spanning the time of the Romans, Vandals and Byzantines.  Cordoba was for a time the center of Arab culture in Europe, so the sights of antiquity can tell you about the different historical events of this area.  A free tour Cordoba will help you experience the spirit of history.

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Interesting Facts

The beauty of sites belonging to UNESCO is not the only pride of this city.  Special mention should be made of the nature of this part of Spain.  The city stands on the Guadalquivir River, and Cordoba is surrounded by hills from the north, so the natural landscapes are worthy of special attention. The most interesting facts:

  • Cordoba is now the twelfth most populated city in Spain. It is home to 325,000 people.  But once it was a city of millions.  In the 10th century, it was the center of cultural and scientific development.  Scientists, scholars and cultural figures lived here, for whom special palaces and mosques were built.
  • There is a mosque in Cordoba, which was the second largest in the Middle Ages. This monument of history, religion and architecture is fondly called the eighth Wonder of the World and the twelfth Wonder of Spain.
  • Spanish Cordoba is not the only Cordoba in the world. Sometimes tourists can get confused when buying plane tickets because there are three other cities with the same name in the world.  Cordoba is also in the United States, Argentina and Mexico, not just Spain.

The city stands on the Guadalquivir River, and Cordoba is surrounded by hills from the north, so the natural landscapes are worthy of special attention.

Important landmarks

Cordoba is one huge monument to the history of antiquity.  Here you can explore the stages of development of the world, study the characteristics of the culture of different peoples and compare the achievements of different eras.  But the inhabitants of the city and experienced tourists recommend several obligatory places to visit.

One of these places is the Roman Bridge.  It was built during Roman times, so it is a very important monument of antiquity.

The mosque in Cordoba is the “soul of the city”.  The cathedral-museum is also called the Mesquita.  It is the biggest symbol of the Muslim culture that reigned in the city for some time.  The mosque can be called a city within a city because there is a large garden in the courtyard, apathetic columns, unique double arches and other attractions that make this place unique.

Immediately after immersing yourself in the Muslim world, you can see the Jewish part of town.  The most colorful street of Cordoba is considered to be the Jewish quarter, which has preserved its authenticity and colorfulness since the 10th century.

Cordoba is a must-visit for anyone who wants to see several historical eras and cultures in one place. And thanks to the natural landscapes that enhance the beauty of the architecture, you will never forget this trip.