Before we get into the organizational eye candy…are you ready to put together the perfect Command Center in your own home? Or maybe tweak an existing one that you already have in place? Having trouble keeping up with your family’s appointments, papers and bills? Want a central space where everyone can get on the same page? You need a family command center! Use these inspirational command center ideas to decide what you need to get your entire family on track.

The Clean, Compact, and Orderly

Design That's Perfect for

Retro Back-to-School Look

The Classic Stark, Professional

Warm, Inviting, Lighthearted

The Classic Clean White


Fun, Brightly Colored Command Center

An Organized, Minimalist

Wall Mount with a Place for

Small, Compact Door

Neat Office-Inspired Command

A Cute, Efficient Pastel

Command Center Décor for Upcoming Plans and

A Rustic-Inspired Design with Warmth and

Fun, Charming Design with