According to Sarah Beeny, she once decided in conjunction with her husband to purchase a house before she had even reached the front door. This not only underlines the fact that people tend to forge first impressions of people and entities within 7 seconds of viewing, but it also supports the importance of curb appeal even in the age of information and digitalisation. Simply by creating the perfect front exterior to the property, the vendors were able to influence buyers and drive a sale.

What is Curb Appeal and how can it work for your home?

So what exactly is curb appeal? Essentially, it refers to the attractiveness and visual appeal of your properties exterior, which may either take the form of a drive way or a front garden. There are many ways in which this space can be improved depending on its existing nature, but which of these are the best?

Invest in Flower Power


Even if you do not have a garden, it is crucial that you invest in flower power wherever possible. You may have the potential to create a picturesque border, for example, or at least some hanging baskets that sit either side of your doorway. The beauty of flowers is that they add an infusion of colour and fragrance to adorn your home, as you create an appealing exterior that wins both hearts and minds in equal measure. More specifically, consider selecting season flowers that are relevant to the time of year and one another, as you create colour and scent combinations that are unique and alluring.

Clear away all Debris


In the quest to sell house fast, you should not be afraid to get your hands dirty or commit to hard, manual labour. You should also ensure that you remember the seemingly small details of boosting your curb appeal, primarily by ensuring that all debris and clutter is cleared from the space. This not only optimises the space at your disposal, but it also suggests that you are meticulous home-owners with a well-maintained and cared for property. Without this attention to detail, you will create a largely negative impression and potentially confuse buyers.

Create a Focal Point that Draws Viewers’ Attention


Whenever you design a room or interior space, you need to create a focal point that draws the eye and helps you to establish a viable layout and theme. The same principle can be applied to rejuvenating your exterior space, as you develop a focal point and use this as a foundation for improving the curb appeal of your property. This can be a door, a fence or a lavish water feature, so long as it suits your budget and improves the aesthetic appeal of your home.