Apartment living is more prominent than ever these days, which means that space for all of our stuff is limited, at best. However, this is also true for those lucky few that can find their way into renting or owning a small home. Not having enough space is the biggest issue for most people in their living situations; and as such there needs to be increasingly better solutions for those people. Here are some ways for you to maximize the space of your dining room, without compromising your style.

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Pick the Best Furniture for Your Space

We all want the furniture that speaks to us. Sometimes that means buying the orange loveseat and pairing it with the yellow sectional. But that doesn’t really work for our goal of maximizing your dining room. Not because of the fact that they are couches, or that they color clash, but rather, because they’re just too big. If we think about how much time is spent in the dining room, you might be surprised at how little time is actually in the room. This means that we can sacrifice luxurious comfort for utility. We can do this either by just flat out getting smaller chairs, or we can pick the chairs that have something unique to them. Some can fold into other objects, while others can double as stackable storage and then seating; you can even get a bench against a wall and then fill that up with storage too. Bouclair dining chairs are a particularly good source for chairs that can fit a range of styles and utility.

Utilize Hidden Features

Do you know how RVs tackle things like dining tables? Most of them are foldable. They either lift up against the wall or fold down against it—either way the table is normally out of the way until it is ready to be used. This is a fantastic idea that can be moved into an apartment or a small home. However, it would look strange just having a random wooden panel on one wall, especially if it is not the same style as the rest of the room. So, instead of committing to a random, foldable, wooden table—think about how it will look when it’s folded up. If it folds upwards, you could add a picture to the bottom of it and paint the whole thing black—it’ll look like a picture hanging on the wall. Or, if it is a downwards folding one, consider getting a glass top for it and put something that matches your style below the glass, against the wood. In this way you can hide the immediate look of the table until someone looks closely or until you need to use it. There are many types of features like this that can be changed and updated to suit your needs, you just need to get a little creative with it.

Clean, Organize, Clean

Not everyone is born to clean, in fact, most people hate it. But realistically, your space needs to be cleaned consistently. Cleaning is one of the best ways to cut down on space issues because you’re creating more space in the process of removing things. This also means that you can think about how to better store the things that you want to keep; prioritize your items and you’ll quickly find that you need less than you think. Additionally, by constantly keeping up on your cleaning, you’ll always have more room to do more activities. Keeping your dining room clean is a huge part of utilizing the space to its fullest. Invest in some surprising ways to organize your stuff, and you can keep more of it; but if there isn’t room, you’ll need to let it go.

There are some surprising ways that you can approach organization in your dining room. Of course, you can get stackable storage which works as dining chairs, but you can also think about minimizing your idea of a table farther than even the foldables. Many people around the world eat their food by sitting on the floor and eating out of their laps. Put a western twist on it by adding pillow seating that can be stacked to form a lifted table while you eat cross-legged. This will not fit everyone’s requirements for a good dining room experience, to be sure—but it will do the most for you in terms of space and customizability. Further, everything can be washed and mended, you don’t need to worry about buying new furniture when this stuff wears out. (We would suggest getting a nice heavy wood top for the table top, by the way, since it is less likely to tilt easily.)