With families spending much more time at home these days, the importance of having space to spread out has been at the forefront of home design. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of people living in small homes wish they had more space. However, it is possible to create a more spacious vibe even if you are short on actual space.

How to Tackle Space Problems if You Live in a Smaller Home - small space, small home, interior design, home, hacks

Where We Want More Space: There is no doubt that small spaces present big challenges. In a recent survey, not having enough storage space was cited by 45% of the respondents as being a challenge. This was followed by not having enough closet space, coming in at 39%. Because having enough storage space helps people to reduce clutter in their homes, it is no surprise that these two obstacles were most often cited as being the most common challenges of living in smaller spaces.

Kitchen is King: 69% of survey respondents said they wanted more space in the kitchen. This room has traditionally been the gathering place of every home, highlighting the fact that space is at a premium. An open-concept kitchen and a kitchen island are also the two most cited desirable features in any home.

The good news is that it is easy to create an open and airy feeling in your kitchen even if the structural components and space are not there. For example, try a rolling kitchen island cart to deliver more counter space and shelving for all of your cooking and baking essentials. Or use a ceiling pot and pan rack to free up precious cabinet space for other things.

Small Space Hacks: So what can you do if you have a small home and cannot expand your living space? The first step is to define the separate areas of your home. You can get creative using wall dividers or other additions to create nooks and dedicated spaces. Investing in dual-purpose furniture is another way to maximize your space. For example, try using a coffee table that doubles as a storage trunk for all of your pillows, blankets, games, or other living room essentials.

When it comes to storage, think vertical. An over-the-door shoe hanger makes a great addition to a bedroom closet to save on space. Or try shelving on the inside of a pantry door to maximize this space. Vertical bookshelves are another great way to leverage space that you probably are not using.

How to Tackle Space Problems if You Live in a Smaller Home - small space, small home, interior design, home, hacks

Design Trends for Smaller Spaces: Today’s modern home design trends can be incorporated into nearly any size of space. Some of the top trends in home design include anything that incorporates a farmhouse vibe. This includes barn doors, shiplap, and exposed brick.

Even if you do not have a lot of space or money to work with, you can create a focal point in any room by installing a gallery wall. Or use this area to paint an accent wall. Using a monochromatic color scheme will naturally make a room feel bigger.

By finding the right redecorating tips for your particular space, you can maximize the area that you have to work with while simultaneously incorporating some of today’s hottest home design trends. Do not let a lack of space stop you from loving your home.