Imbued in the digital age par excellence, we are continually subjected to the influence of stimuli of all kinds in our daily lives: television, mobile phone, computer, tablet … Add it up and go on. In most cases, we are not aware of how harmful they can be as a result of prolonged use and abuse. To give you an idea: a recent study by Nielsen assures that nine out of ten Spaniards find it impossible to spend a whole day without using a mobile phone. Also, seven out of ten say they cannot be away from their personal computer for 24 hours. A lot, right?


  • Eliminate mobile applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, which will prevent you from having to look at your smartphone 150 times a day in case you have any notification.
  • Place ourselves in a space free of any type of digital device so that it does not interrupt our personal or professional activities, in most cases much more important and/or rewarding.
  • Turn off the mobile or put it in airplane mode, when it is normally the ‘main problem’ and to which we tend to be more hooked at least a few hours, and/or consult it only to see important messages or calls.
  • Advertise via networks or communicate to loved ones with whom we have more contact that we will be disconnected. This will make cutting easier. Most likely they will not ‘bother’ you in that period, except for emergencies.
  • Configure the absent message in the work email. This way you will make it clear that you are not available and they will not bother you anymore.
  • Get a good alarm clock to replace your mobile. Because yes, the usual alarm clocks still exist …
  • Leave the charger at home. When the battery runs out, it’s over.
  • Set rules with your family, partner, or roommates. for example, that while at the table eating, no one can have their mobile or another device on or next to them.


  • Improve self-control. It is extremely important to know how to control yourself in general and say enough to that digital abuse for a while, it will help you learn to control yourself in this and the rest.
  • Rest your mind. In most cases, we are not aware of the effort that the mind makes to be continuously subjected to these stimuli. Like any other part of our body, it also has to rest.
  • As a result of the above, we will sleep better. It is proven that the use of any type of digital device before going to bed makes it more difficult to fall asleep.
  • We will once again be the true owners of our time. Without the mobile phone always at hand, for example, we will have more hours to enjoy a good conversation, read a good book, take a walk enjoying beautiful views …
  • Along the same lines, social relationships will be much more personal and intense, since instead of resorting to WhatsApp or email to catch up, we will surely stay and enjoy good company.