The urban home is a sanctuary for you to come home to of an evening, a place to relax and unwind in, and somewhere to enjoy with your family and friends. There are many ways in which you can make your home as beautiful and peaceful as possible: some people like to install soft lighting to make a room glow with yellow light, while others like to put in a water feature or something else equally Zen to optimise the relaxation vibe. The serenity factor needs to be high in your home in order to ensure that your family has a pleasant home life, so how can you ensure that your home is your castle, and that your castle is a peaceful and beautiful place to relax? The answer that many people are turning to is a living wall – or a green installation in the home.

The idea of a living wall has grown in popularity recently as part of an interior space, as it is a healthy and vibrant colour to have in the home, and also a green is very soothing and cooling. Vertical gardens are just jam-packed with a whole host of beneficial elements, including healthy clean air and a soothing feeling for the soul. Let’s have a good look at how you can benefit from a living wall and then see how you can install one into your own home.


Here are some benefits:

  • A living wall can help you to improve the quality of the air in your home and can clean your air while releasing clean oxygen. If you pop a living wall into your home or office you’re soon going to see the huge benefits very soon.
  • A pop of colour will add some calm, and a feeling of serenity is going to come over your guests as soon as they see your living wall. Keep a nice bit of replica furniture at the base of your living wall for that added champagne-tastes on a cask-wine budget and you’ll see a great kickback in terms of style and class for your home.
  • You’ll see greater noise reduction in your home from your living wall, as the foliage is actually going to reduce the noise in your rooms. A bunch of plants are going to reduce noise pollution from traffic if you live near a busy road as well, so consider it as an option if you’re struggling with noise in your home.


So how do you install your very own living wall?

For starters a living wall is perfect for those without a huge amount of garden space, and although you’ll need a professional for a huge wall, something smaller is definitely doable as a DIY project.

  1. Choose the space you’re thinking for your wall. A living room is a great choice for something like a feature wall, but a bathroom works equally well too due to the moisture in the air – so it’s great for ferns and other such plants like that.
  2. Choose your frame. You’re going to need a good strong solid structure for the plants to sit in, and you’re going to need to hang it on the wall too. You need to add a layer of plastic to stop the living wall from leaking.
  3. Add your fabric which the plants are going to adhere to – things like ferns are going to be footed into the fabric.
  4. Set up your irrigation system for water to drip down across your plants. As this is a vital part, you might want to consult an expert.
  5. Choose and insert your plants – taking into account your aesthetic of the room.

Enjoy the serenity!