Fashion Tips for Styling Your Denim Outfits - women, fashion, denim

Finding a fabric that has consistently topped the fashion charts for over a century is challenging. That is, if you exclude denim. First invented in the late 1800s in the city of Nîmes in France, weavers accidentally created a sturdy and coarse cotton fabric we know today as denim.  It was soon turned into one of the most recognizable items of apparel when visionaries Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis developed the material into pants for miners and other manual laborers to wear and eventually developed the classic ‘501’ style.

This humble fabric has since gone on to become an iconic item of clothing spanning the decades and has been embraced by rock stars and movie legends such as Marlon Brando and James Dean to the cowboys in the Hollywood Westerns. Its status in the counterculture movements was also firmly established thanks to its rebellious associations, which even saw it banned from many schools and public places in the 1950s and 60s, while its adoption in the women’s liberation movement enforced its image as a symbol of freedom, individualism, and self-expression.

There is no doubt that denim is a fashion staple and should be incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe in one way or another. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you can style your look by using one of the most popular and timeless fabrics in the world.


From bootcut to skinny, boyfriend to baggy, the evolution of denim jeans continues to take us by surprise. Whether they’re a smart, dark indigo or a distressed pair with holes in them, jeans can be worn in a number of ways to suit a whole range of sartorial moods and personalities. You can check out the Diesel denim sale outlet for some inspiration.

No matter the occasion or the time of year you can wear your skinny jeans with a t-shirt, blazer, or an oversized chunky knit sweater. For a night out with the girls, pair them with some high heels and a glam top to create a chic look. A plaid shirt tucked into your jeans gives a laid-back vibe to your outfit and is perfect for the fall, while a crisp white buttoned shirt over a pair of rolled-up, ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans add a touch of style to your overall look.

For a more relaxed and casual look, go for a looser fit such as a slouchy boyfriend or a high-waisted pair with a wider leg. Throw on a pair of sneakers or roll them up to reveal some ankle boots, and you’ve got the perfect pair of jeans to spend a comfortable day out in.

Denim Jacket

Another fashion staple that has withstood the test of time is the denim jacket. A classically cool item of outerwear, it has graced the shoulders of fashion trailblazers such as Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe and continues to make a statement to this day. This androgynous garment transcends traditional gender stereotypes making it continually one of the most universally worn items of clothing on the planet.

Think of your denim jacket as a versatile building block that can be worn with most outfits to add a little edge. Whether it’s a body-hugging slim fit or an oversized style, this durable and comfortable item of clothing can be worn daily and will never get old.

Switch up the style on a cool spring day by pairing your maxi dress with a well-fitted denim jacket to give your look a relaxed feel while keeping the breeze at bay, or simply drape it over your shoulders with a pair of skinny black jeans and pumps to give a chic and elegant touch to your outfit. No matter how you choose to style it, this is one item of clothing that you can never get wrong.

Denim On Denim

While the double-denim combo has at times been seen as a fashion faux pas, when pulled off correctly it can be a showstopper and this is why it continues to be a perennial mainstay of the fashion world. Having been revived by the millennials and Gen Z, denim on denim is having a moment, perhaps making it more in vogue than ever.

Famously coined the ‘Canadian tuxedo’, style legends from Steve McQueen to Ryan Gosling have effortlessly rocked this bold yet unpretentious look. If you’re unsure where to begin when trying out this look, these helpful tips can guide you.

  1. Go for Similar Shades: While many people are tempted to pair different colors or shades of denim together, going for a similar wash will help to create an unbroken, balanced and cohesive look that will flatter your entire figure and create a casual off-duty uniform to wear night or day.
  2. Experiment with Different Outfits: You needn’t stick to the denim jacket and jeans combo to perfect this look. Pair a long, open-buttoned denim shirt with a pair of fitted jeans, or tuck it into a sculpted denim pencil skirt to give your look a fashionable woman-about-town feel. Play with different denim clothing and silhouettes depending on the occasion.
  3. Add Some Color: An all-blue outfit lends itself well to a pop of color. Whether it’s a flash of red from your lipstick or the t-shirt beneath your jacket, blue denim provides a great backdrop for bolder colors such as red, yellow, and orange.
  4. Accessorize: Blue denim above and below is a great canvas for you to accessorize with. Bring your outfit to life by adding a statement necklace, some colorful hair accessories, or a stand-out pair of shoes. For example, a leopard print heel makes the perfect addition to a skinny pair of jeans topped with a denim shirt as it helps to break up the look and draw attention to another aspect of your outfit without competing with it.

From daisy dukes to denim jackets, this ubiquitous yet classic fabric continues to dominate the fashion industry with no signs of relenting. Use the guidance in this article to experiment with the denim outfits in your closet to create a whole range of new looks with little to no effort or expense.