Whether you need painters to touch up a single room or paint every wall in the house, you want to be sure you choose someone professional and experienced. Asking the right questions is essential to ensure you get the quality that you deserve and a home that you enjoy spending time on.

Use the questions below to narrow down your list and get the best painters for your project.

What Questions to Ask When Hiring a House Painter - professional, painter, colourific painting

Can I See Examples of Past Work?

The best painters will have no issue giving you examples of their work. They can also provide you with references from past clients. Make sure the company has done the same painting that you need to ensure they can handle it without any problems.

Doing research online can also be useful to get more varied opinions on the work of the company you might choose.

Do You Have a License and Insurance?

Don’t bring in painters if they don’t have a license and insurance. Make sure you see the paperwork to be certain it exists. All professionals should have a license and the appropriate amount of insurance to cover the job.

What Are the Prices and Payment Terms?

Any painter should tell you all costs and how the payments will be made. This should be established in a quote when you contact the company. Find out whether prep work and materials are included or will be an extra charge. If full payment is desired upfront, this could be a bad sign. Most will take part of the payment at the start and the rest when the painting is done.

Which Materials Do You Use?

Talk about the quality of paint and finishes with the company before any work starts. The higher quality the paint is, the fewer coats that will be needed, and the longer the paint will look great on your walls. Most painters, like Colourific Painting, will make recommendations to meet your needs.

These questions are a good start when choosing professional painters but make sure to ask anything else that comes to mind. Asking about warranties, cleanup, the work schedule, and more can help you ensure you choose the right painting contractors.