21 Car Detailing Secrets Only Professionals Know - wash, vacuum, clean, car

21 Car Detailing Secrets Only Professionals Know

Who doesn’t want their old car to look just as new, always? But it’s just not practical to get the car done by a professional detailer ever so often. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the secrets that only professional car detailers know and we’re going to let you in on them. Get ready for the best car detailing tips and tricks! 1.Rinse before the wash The car’s surface and paint gets a lot of dust from the environment. If you straight away start scrubbing with soap and water, it is possible that the dust particles will

Decorating Ideas for a 1 Bedroom Apartment - home decor, decor ideas, bedroom, apartment

Decorating Ideas for a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Decorating a 1-bedroom apartment can be difficult due to space limitations and rental agreements that prohibit permanent changes. However, the extra challenge certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t create a wow-worthy design. And it may be easier than you think with this simple photo trick. Below you will find 4 trendy 1-bedroom apartment designs, along with tips on how you can get the same aesthetic. You’ll not only learn how to achieve these sleek looks but also understand how to apply the same method to any interior photograph that inspires you! 1. Contrasting Contemporary Photo Courtesy of Lawrence House The

5 Mind-fuck TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix USA - watch, tv shows, thriller, sci fi, netflix, mystery, movies, horror, drama

5 Mind-fuck TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix USA

American Netflix has the best titles to binge. You can stream all kinds of entertaining goodness for a low monthly fee. If you have already watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S five times and looking for something complicated, mind-melting for a change, here are five mind-fuck TV shows and movies on Netflix USA that you should check out: 1. Stranger Things Genre: Horror Season(s): 3 seasons; 25 episodes Year of release: 2016 Stranger Things is an original sci-fi slash horror series with a delicate balance of style and substance. The show starts with the disappearance of a young boy, which sets his family and

Complete Guide on Buying Diamond Jewelry from Dubai - ring, jewelry, guide, diamond, certified, buy

Complete Guide on Buying Diamond Jewelry from Dubai

Dubai is also known as the city of gold. Its gold and jewellery markets are unarguably the biggest and usually the cheapest, even after the recently applied 5% VAT, which is one of the lowest compared to any other place in the world. Plus, tourists can claim most of it back by using the tax refund tourist scheme. Same goes for diamond jewelry which makes it a great place to buy your wedding or engagement ring. Following tips will help you buy certified diamond jewelry from Dubai at lowest prices. Buy online You do not need to fly to Dubai

12 Recipes for The Best Winter Flavored Macarons (Part 1) - winter macarons, Winter Flavored Macarons, winter desserts, macarons recipes, macarons, Flavored Macarons

12 Recipes for The Best Winter Flavored Macarons (Part 1)

Here we present you 12 seasonal macaron flavors inspired by the feel and flavors of winter and the holiday season. When you start making Macarons, the best idea is to go with one that is a general recipe. What’s great about this as well is that you can change your colors as you see fit.  If made correctly, they’re light and chewy and can be made in almost any flavor combination you can think of. They’re also a beautiful blank canvas for whatever decor you choose. Keep reading for some major holiday flavor and decorating inspo for your next batch

13 Delicious Winter Bark Recipes - winter desserts, Winter Bark Recipes, Winter Bark Recipe, Winter Bark, Bark Recipes

13 Delicious Winter Bark Recipes

Are you looking for a dazzling treat that’s a snap to make? This familiar favorite is perfect: Just melt, stir and swirl. These little triple chocolate bites make a great addition to a sweet party buffet, or an attractive edible gift. It’s the final countdown to Christmas and you might need a last minute gift idea for your loved ones. Try a homemade chocolate gift! Sometimes, simple things are the best ones, and you will even impress your guests with your creative skills! The good thing with chocolate bark is that you can also change the toppings: almonds and sea

13 Amazing Free Christmas Printables for the Holidays - Free Christmas Printables, Free Christmas Printable, diy Free Christmas Printables, Christmas Printables

13 Amazing Free Christmas Printables for the Holidays

Free, instantly downloadable printable graphics are an easy way to get your house ready for the holidays. All you need is a home printer. Frame a beautifully designed sentiment to hang on the wall or display among other holiday vignettes, or string together a whimsical garland to hang up wherever you wish. Clever Advent calendar designs help the family countdown to the big day. Unique gift tags elevate your already-adorable gift-wrapping ideas to make your presents really stand out. The free Christmas printables below will make your holiday shine extra bright this year. You’ll save time and money and concentrate

13 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for The Best Holiday Celebration - unique christmas tree, Christmas Tree Ideas, Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas, Christmas tree

13 Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for The Best Holiday Celebration

There’s no denying that the right Christmas tree can set the tone for your holiday festivities. Rather than rely on the same ornaments, garland, tree topper and tree skirt this year, get a little more creative. Whether you’re decorating a Christmas tree for the very first time or you simply want to switch things up for a fun holiday refresh, there are decor ideas for you—both big and small—to spark endless holiday inspiration. And while red and green hues can certainly help set the stage for a merry Christmas celebration, you can still have a gorgeous display without being completely

13 Awesome DIY Wood Projects For Beginners (Part 2) - DIY Wood Projects For Beginners, DIY Wood Projects

13 Awesome DIY Wood Projects For Beginners (Part 2)

Woodworking is an incredibly rewarding hobby that can last a lifetime, and be passed down through generations of sons and daughters. And, it requires little more than basic woodworking skills, a battery of power and hand tools, some free time, and a little inspiration. You can create your very own functional pieces and add your own flare to it, feeling accomplished and proud every time you lay your eyes on your project. Plus, it’s a great way to stay under budget when decorating your home or giving beautiful gifts.  14. Wood Triangle Bookends Make and Tell. 15. “Wood” Notebooks  Burkatron

13 Awesome DIY Wood Projects For Beginners (Part 1) - DIY Wood Projects For Beginners, DIY Wood Projects

13 Awesome DIY Wood Projects For Beginners (Part 1)

A great thing about DIY home decor is that there’s an infinite number of ways to look at it and many different ways to be creative and original. That being said, let’s check out some awesome DIY wood projects and see what inspires us. Woodworking can be intimidating, but you don’t have to start big with something like an entertainment center. Start small and, once you feel comfortable, work your way up. There are so many great tutorials perfect for beginner woodworkers, and these are some of our favorites! 1. Wood Bead Necklace Craft and Creativity 2. Wooden Triangle Plant

Top Men’s Cardigan Styles for Fall - sweaters, style, men, fashion, Fall, comfort, cardigan

Top Men’s Cardigan Styles for Fall

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to brush up on your recipes, grab that PSL and perfect your fall wardrobe. While finding your fall menu and coffee can require hitting the shops, sharpening your style can be easily achieved by shopping online. Classics are back in a big way this fall, and a complete wardrobe will include at least one cardigan. With a variety of styles, from bulkier knits to slim-fit vests, the cardigan has evolved, and selecting the right pieces for your wardrobe is easier than ever. Here are a few tips on the top cardigans for

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wheels Without Upping Your Budget - wheels, used, research, pay, negotiate, budget

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wheels Without Upping Your Budget

Getting a new car can be one of the most exciting decisions you make, from choosing your make and model, to taking that first drive off the lot. It can also, however, be one of the most expensive decisions. There are plenty of ways to ride off into the sunset in the car of your dreams without breaking the bank. The key is knowledge and preparation. If you give yourself the gift of time to research and plan, you’ll empower yourself to make informed and financially sound decisions. Here are 6 things to keep in mind if you want to

Smart Casual- Suits for Women That Are So Chic - woman Suits, Suits outfit ideas, suits, Business woman

Smart Casual- Suits for Women That Are So Chic

If you’ve been wondering what smart casual means or you are after some stylish outfit ideas to suit it, we’ve got you covered. A fashion suit is any form of tailoring that has classic elements but also possesses one or more of-the-moment twists. Such twists can include but are not limited to an oversize or belted jacket, trendy print, unexpected bottom, such as a skirt or shorts, and more. 9to5chic.com camilacoelho.com larisacostea.com www.shortstoriesandskirts.com stylelovely.com/ladyaddict londonfashiongirl.com margoandme.com

13 Festive Thanksgiving Table Ideas - Thanksgiving Table Ideas, Festive Thanksgiving Table Ideas, DIY Thanksgiving Decoration

13 Festive Thanksgiving Table Ideas

As we prepare for an exciting Thanksgiving holiday, there’s so much to do and decorate. You’ve probably read about how to make your dining room special with the perfect chairs. You’ve got your favorite side dish recipes lined up. But how will you present your Thanksgiving dinner? The holiday season should be a time to get creative and try a color palette or mix of materials that perhaps you normally wouldn’t gravitate toward. Here, we’ve gathered some of our favorite settings, from classic and woodland-inspired to simple and sleek, so that seasoned pros and first-time hosts alike can create a

5 Backyard Themes to Turn Your Garden into a Fairy-tale - Mediterranean Vibe, landscape design, garden, backyard

5 Backyard Themes to Turn Your Garden into a Fairy-tale

Gardening can be a wonderful pastime. It’s relaxing, helps you get plenty of vitamin D, and you really get the opportunity to take pride in your accomplishments. While it does come naturally to some individuals, others may not know where to begin. We aren’t all born with naturally green thumbs! In this article, we are going to discuss five backyard themes that you might want to choose to make your garden look like a fairy-tale. Sound interesting? Then let’s get started! Secret Garden If you are looking to create a magical garden with hidden areas perfect for relaxing, then a

How To Style A Midi Skirt For Fall: 13 Great Outfit Ideas - Midi Skirt For Fall, fall midi skirt outfit, fall midi skirt

How To Style A Midi Skirt For Fall: 13 Great Outfit Ideas

A midi skirt is perhaps the most beloved one by all the girls because it’s comfy, fits all types of occasions and it’s easy to style. You can find it in just about any print, color, and texture making it ever so versatile. They also transition well into the autumn months and can easily be layered when the temperatures drop. There are many simple ways to style a midi skirt so you can take advantage of its body-enhancing benefits and feminine finish in your daily looks. www.shortstoriesandskirts.com www.rebel-attitude.com larisacostea.com 9to5chic.com seamsforadesire.com

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