You may be renting an apartment with your partner for the first time or moving into your accommodation with friends to start university in which case you will most likely be looking for ways to elevate your space on a budget without causing damage to the property (nobody wants an unhappy landlord). On the other hand, you may have just moved into your dream home but haven’t quite got the budget to redecorate yet and are looking for ways to make your space feel a little more homely until you can get the significant renovations started. Here are some of our favourite ways you can revamp your room that is budget friendly and simple to do!

How Can I Change My Home Interior Without Painting - walls, paint, interior, home decor, furniture

Get Hanging!

Hanging art, photos and tapestries on your walls will elevate your space and work well if you have a tighter budget. You could hang a mixture of your favourite family photos, art and prints by your favourite artists to brighten your walls and make your space feel more personal.

You could also create a gallery wall in your home using your photos or some gallery wall prints paired with frames that tie in with your interior design.

How Can I Change My Home Interior Without Painting - walls, paint, interior, home decor, furniture


Shelving doesn’t have to be boring! You can find many different styles of shelves online across various retailers. This could be a solo bookcase you decorate with books in a rainbow colourway or place multiple bookcases next to one another to create a library wall. You do not need to have hundreds of books to fill these shelves; you may want to add some framed photos and display your ornaments and trinkets in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you are unsure whether a bookcase is the right option, you can also find a selection of vintage, modern and industrial shelves to put directly on your wall. There is shelving for every interior style, so finding something that compliments your space shouldn’t be a struggle.

Temporary wallpaper & wall stickers

If you like to switch up the design of rooms more frequently than usual, then opting for temporary wallpaper or wall stickers will make your room pop whilst completely changing the style. These wall stickers can be beneficial if you have children, as you can easily remove them and swap them out as they grow older and their interests change. Temporary wallpaper can be used in almost every room in your house and is a great way to make the space feel more like yours (if you rent the property and want to change the white walls). Most temporary wall stickers and wallpaper are budget friendly and leave no residue or marks.

How Can I Change My Home Interior Without Painting - walls, paint, interior, home decor, furniture

Make the most of your space with furniture

Instead of changing up the walls, change up the space! Use your furniture to build your dream room. You can do this on a budget with second-hand stores and online retailers. You can find many high-quality secondhand pieces in excellent condition that accentuate your space and suit your interior design style. Use details including rugs, lamps and ornaments to add personality to your room; you could also add pops of colour (if that’s your style) with more significant pieces like your sofa. If you like a particular item but not the colour, follow the next step!

Paint your furniture, not the walls

If you have a chest of draws sitting in your bedroom that doesn’t fit in with your new interior style or are starting to look a little dated, consider restoring it rather than throwing it out. This can be done fairly easy from home, you don’t need to worry about taking it to a professional for this. All you will need is some sand paper and paints (sometimes varnish may be required too). Tip – if the piece you are painting isn’t too big, we suggest buying a paint tester pot, possibly two, as you won’t be using too much paint and buying a big pot will probably be a waste!

Another idea is searching for some older pieces online and upcycling them. Many people did this during lockdown as it was a great way to renovate their houses on a budget and can be a fun project for you to work on. If you are upcycling an item that has handles like a chest of draws, once you have finished the painting, you can swap out the handles for something more stylish too! A trending look at the moment are brass handles to give a traditional, modern feel to the home, and they work great with a variety of colours.

You have plenty of options to change up your space without causing damage to the property and spending hundreds on items you may not keep for an extended period of time. Investing in quality pieces to last you years is beneficial; however, if you are consistently moving or looking for new ways to redecorate your space when trends change, these tips will be sure to help you.