While decorating your home, walls are always the first focus. Furnishing interior make it look complete, but nothing looks right unless walls become the main concern. Wall finish have a huge impact on your interior’s aesthetic. If you are not sure whether you want to cover your walls with paint or wallpaper, read on to avoid expensive mistakes.

Wall paint or wallpaper – which is the best choice?  - wallpaper, interior design, home, design

Costs and service

Nowadays, there are many types of paint and wallpapers that differ in quality and price, but while comparing both it is obvious, that interior wall paints are much cheaper. Both instalments require a certified staff, but putting a wallpaper onto the wall needs additional assistance. It is also more time-consuming as the decor needs to be carefully matched with the pattern. On the other hand, wall painting also need a team of qualified decorators in London, but overall costs are much lower and affordable.


It is difficult to clearly define the durability of wall paint and wallpaper, as they both differ in quality. Both items can range from a budget options up to the premium quality. However, it is said that a decent quality wallpaper can last up to 15 years if treated with care. Wall paint, on the other hand, requires to be refreshed every 5 to 8 years, which is almost twice as often. But still, initial installment costs of wallpaper are high and if you prefer to have the job done at affordable price, wall paint is a better solution.


Wall paint can frequently get damaged, however, those small imperfections can be easily fixed by yourself without a lot of effort. If you want to restore the colour, there is no need to hire professional decorators in London, as you will tackle the job without any assistance. Wallpapers are not immune to peel or tear. A small damage will lead to the whole process of stripping and pasting, which is very time consuming and requires a professional assistance. What is more, even if you have spare rolls of the wallpaper, it might be difficult to rematch the pattern.

Preparation time

No matter which option you choose, the wall preparation must be done by a professional. In both cases, you need to hire qualified decorators in London that will manage to fix all imperfections on the wall. Wallpaper highlights all flaws, thus the time of preparing the wall is long. Wall paper preparation, on the other hand, requires a minimum of time, as it usually covers all the imperfections.


Wallpapers are not suited for every interior in your home. Putting lawyers of it in the kitchen, bathroom and other damp areas would cause peeling. Wallpapers are also not recommended in cities with a humid climate. Wall paints easily repel moisture and are dedicated for every interior. There are so many types of paint that let you match its quality with your demands. There are paints suitable for different climatic conditions or for spaces with children and pets (when the dirt and crayons can be easily washed off). Both products have their pros and cons, however wall paints tend to be more universal and are definitely used more often.