Your living room is perhaps the most important part of your home. You spend evenings with the family and welcome the guests here. It is worthwhile to go the extra mile with its decor during winter to make it warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Fortunately, you can give the area a makeover without burning a hole in your wallet. A little effort and lots of creativity will do the trick. Here are some simple DIY living room makeover ideas you can try this winter.

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Bring in some color

Winter feels dull and depressing, so bringing in some color to your living room may be the best place to start. If you can handle a DIY paint project, creating an accent wall in a bright shade is a great idea. Infuse the decor with vibrant hues such as red, emerald, burgundy, or blue on the accent wall. For those who find paints too messy, wallpaper is a good idea. You may go a step further by creating a family picture collage on the accent wall.

Warm-up with cozy textures

The easiest way to deck up your living area for winter is by adding cozy textures everywhere you can. Cover the couch and chairs with blankets, throws, and cushions. Choose warm fabrics like faux fur, velvet, or yarn for a hefty dose of coziness. Switch to quilted curtains for keeping cold air out. Bring warmth and comfort to your feet with thick area rugs to cover the floor.

Spruce up the fireplace

The fireplace is the heart of your living room, so it deserves a little DIY as well. You can consider upgrading to an electric fireplace from the traditional one this season. It is easy to install and eco-friendly because it heats without smoke or fumes. You can even use it as a decor element for the living room as it looks just like a real fireplace. Move your sofa near it and enjoy the cozy warmth it offers.

Light it up

Another DIY makeover idea that does not pinch your pocket is lighting up your living room with candles and fairy lights. Candles are inexpensive and add ambiance to the place. You can pick scented variants to give a relaxed and fragrant feel to the room. Fairy lights offer a soft effect, and you can hang them up without professional help. Just a little work creates magic for the area!

Add green to the decor

While you may limit your outings at this time of the year, it is a good time to bring the outdoors into your living room. Buy some indoor plants and place them around the room for a green look. You can even create a vertical garden on one of the walls by hanging shelves and placing small cups and containers with herbs in them. Hang a wreath over the fireplace to complete the winter look.

A winter decor for your living room need not cost a fortune if you are ready to explore your DIY skills. You may invest in some affordable elements and use the stuff you have at home to create an incredible look and feel for your space.