Enhancing curb appeal is a popular catchphrase now. Homeowners are encouraged to boost their curb appeal when selling up. And there are numerous guides on how to improve a home’s curb appeal.

Change The Appearance Of Your Home With A New Roof - roof, replacement roof, home design, exterior design

These guides often mention decluttering and landscaping the front yard. They also talk about power washing driveways, weeding, and generally tidying up. What they rarely mention is how much a roof affects the appearance of a home.

When would your home need a new roof?

Replacing the roof on a home is a significant change that requires investment. But, there are times when roof replacement becomes necessary.

Family-owned, Apple Roofing, gave some advice about roof replacement and repairs. The roofers there pointed out some of the signs that a roof may need to be replaced. Age is a major factor, and most roofs would need replacing after 20 years or so. But, there are other signs to watch out for.

Signs a roof may require replacement:

  • Leaks and water damage
  • Curling and missing shingles
  • Drooping or sagging
  • Moss growth
  • Granule loss
  • Visible damage
  • Increasing energy bills

If you have noticed a significant rise in your heating bills then it could be that your roof is responsible. High cooling or heating bills may point to energy being lost through the roof. Older roofs were made from materials that are not as energy-efficient as today. The older a roof gets, the more likely it is to become damaged.

Moss growth can point to underlying moisture problems. And if you’ve recently had a storm then you may have visible damage and missing shingles.

Some of these issues can be repaired. But, a professional roofer must assess as it may be time for a new roof.

What are the benefits of a replacement roof?

A new roof will help to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is a chance to better insulate your home. And to reduce energy bills.

You can also switch things up. Choose different materials and different colors. Your roofer will give advice on the local climate and what materials are best.

One significant benefit of a new roof is the chance to completely change the look of your home.

How will a new roof change your home’s appearance?

A roof takes up 40% of the visible exterior of a home. But, strangely, roofs get ignored when curb appeal is mentioned. This is likely because there is little point in replacing a roof just for appearance’s sake. A new roof costs on average $11,500, which is a significant investment if it’s done purely for aesthetic reasons.

Yet, at some point, your roof will need replacing. When this time comes, you can take full advantage by adding different architectural details. Or you can completely change the style of your roof.

Different types of roof styles to totally change your home’s appearance

There are dozens of different roofing styles. Some of these may suit your home, but others won’t. If you are planning on making significant changes to your home, a new roof style may be necessary.

A professional roofer will be able to advise what is possible and what isn’t with your home’s current layout.

However, some of the roofing styles you may be able to consider are:

  • Dutch gable
  • Open gable
  • Dormer
  • Hip
  • Jerkinhead
  • Box gable
  • Butterfly
  • Bonnet

These are just a few options for roofing styles. The design of your home and its location will play a factor in what roof would fit best. Hip roofs for instance are good for regions with high winds. And gable roofs are useful in snowy areas.

Your budget will play a big part in what roof style you can afford. The best approach is to sit with a roofer and explain what you want. Aesthetics are important, but you may have to compromise.

Different materials and color choices will make an impact

If there is no need to change the roof style, then you can make an impact through color and different materials instead. There are many ways to improve a home’s appearance, and new roofing can be quite effective.

Asphalt shingles are probably the most common roofing material. However, if you want to shake things up you can use luxury asphalt shingles. These shingles have the appearance of slate so they are aesthetically pleasing but more affordable than real slate.

If your budget can take it, then a cedar shake roof makes a visually impressive statement. Natural wood from cedar trees makes beautiful roofs, but they aren’t suitable for all climates. Alternatively, slate can be used to create a long-lasting and beautiful roof.

Color is a consideration if you want a new look for your roof too. Clay tiles for instance come in a number of different colors now. No longer do you need to stick to the traditional tiles when you can choose onyx or Mediterranean colors for your roof.

Incorporate architectural details into your roof

By incorporating some architectural details into your new or existing roof, you will alter its appearance. Architectural details such as gables add character to a home.

Options for architectural roofing details include:

  • Gables and dormers
  • Altering the pitch of the roof
  • Enhancing chimney caps
  • Improve the appearance of vents
  • Fascia and trims

You can use decorative trims to create a more refined look for your roof. And functional elements such as vents and chimneys can have decorative touches added to them. The pitch of your roof could be altered to complement the style of your home too.

Popular roofing trends to consider

The history of the roofing industry stretches back over time. In 1910, Henry Reynolds claimed to have invented the asphalt shingle which is now ubiquitous. However, time moves on and there are better roofing materials than asphalt shingles today.

Roofing trends to consider include cool roofs and sustainable materials. Green roofs are becoming more popular, and there are ways to combine solar power and roof tiles now.

Solar roof tiles are slim PV sheets that let homeowners benefit from green energy while having an aesthetically pleasing roof. If you live in a hot climate then a cool roof will help you to lower your AC usage and save money. Professional roofers can advise on all these new trends.

Hiring a professional for your roofing transformation

For a job as big as roof replacement, professional roofers should be approached. If you plan for a successful renovation then it’s advisable not to cut corners. DIY has its place, but professional roofers are certified and trained to carry out this work.

Look for a local roofer who is insured and experienced in the type of roofing you require. Sit down and discuss how you want your home to be. And ask them for advice on materials that suit your climate, and how your roof may be improved upon.


Installing a new roof can lead to a dramatic change in a home’s appearance. The style can be completely altered or a few decorative touches can be added. A new roof is an opportunity to make some practical changes too.

You can switch from your standard shingles to more durable materials such as slate. Or you could change the look by switching to colored clay and make a statement. One thing is almost certain, a new roof will be far more energy-efficient and give you some ROI over the years.