While some people only sleep in their bedroom, other people use it as a reading room (with sitting area), watching TV, exercise, dressing room, meditation and more. So, why wouldn’t you make a master bedroom look like something that’s of the time that you come from? That’s why homeowners are moving more and more to contemporary and modern master bedroom designs. If you’re a person that’s been looking to put there head down for the night in a modern bedroom, then check out the 21 designs that we’ve collected. Here, you’ll find plenty of inspiration, and perhaps you’ll get the kernel of an idea that will lead to your next, more modern master bedroom.

What Is Contemporary Style Architecture?

The era of Contemporary style began during the first half of the 20th century and the postmodern period and was originally considered as a blend of styles and elements borrowed from both postmodernism and modernism before it became recognizable on its own. The term contemporary means “living or occurring at the same time.” Hence, it continuously evolved up until today. Nowadays, most homeowners opt for a contemporary interior for their homes, especially for bedrooms, because of the functionality, comfortability, and coziness it gives.

Hence, if you’re planning to do a modern home renovation, one distinctive feature of a contemporary style interior you must consider is a minimalistic approach. What makes a contemporary interior well-known in many aspects is its minimalism; it’s all about clean and smooth lines and surfaces. Contemporary bedrooms are always painted with neutral shades such as white, tan, gray, black, and beige and may also be dotted with straight lines and geometric forms to emphasize simplicity and elegance.

In addition to this, wall art and other bedroom decorations are also minimized to achieve a minimalistic space as much as possible. Unnecessary furniture shouldn’t be placed in a contemporary bedroom design as it’s supposed to stick to what the design suggests, which is “nothing but what is necessary.” Adding a rug with an abstract design and layers of texture that complement the color palette is enough to introduce additional drama and soften the place.

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