For some reason, many now, especially during the crisis, complain about problems with finding a job, especially a decently paid one. To be honest, it is very strange that such a problem is faced mainly by young people, 20-30 years old, who can easily master a new specialty and move on to consistently high earnings. Therefore, today I want to talk about such a profitable activity as 3D visualization of the exterior, tell you whether this beast is so terrible, and how best to get to it.

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What is 3D exterior rendering in general?

Many have seen realistic images of houses, cottages, personal plots, which show in detail how beautiful it all looks from different angles. Here are some examples.

In fact, these are not photographs, and this picture is just the idea of ​​ 3d exterior design and architects who are developing a development plan. Yes, it has not been built yet, but the visualizer has already turned the idea into a visual picture, according to which the happy owner of the property will be able to assess how everything will look and make adjustments. That is, the exterior visualizer is the person who creates the photorealistic picture according to the presented development plan.

Here, many readers may immediately have a logical question – but this is probably a very creative profession that needs to be trained for years, in some institutes? Yes, this work is in some way creative, because you need not only to create a scene, but also to give it realism. On the other hand, working on a specific task forces you to follow a given plan, which greatly simplifies everything.

As for training, we’ll talk about this a little later. I just want to say that everything is not as scary and expensive as it seems, and is quite affordable.

Tips for beginners on visualizing exteriors

Here are some things to consider before getting started:

  1. Beginning to master exterior visualization, get ready to broaden your horizons. It is not necessary to have professional artistic skills, but it is useful to understand the structure of the urban environment, the physical nature of materials, the environment in different weather conditions, the principles of lighting at different times of the day, etc. View photographs and paintings of masters of realism more often, study modern architecture, the work of experienced visualizers.
  2. For different climates, atmospheric phenomena, time of day, different approaches and settings will be applied. It is better to start training with “ideally” created conditions: daylight sunshine, clear clear sky. Gradually, you can complicate the task – experiment with light at dusk, night views, interior lighting of a building, etc.
  3. One of the most difficult objects to render exteriors is the natural landscape and environment. If you do not think over the area from “a” to “z”, the building will not look good, and the picture will remain empty and unrealistic. Before creating a terrain in 3Ds Max, you should not immediately model small objects. First, create a schematic model of the surroundings, with areas of noticeably different heights. This is easy to do with spline lines. Then apply the Edit Poly modifier to flatten the objects. Next, arrange the objects of the environment and proceed to more detailed editing. Make smooth transitions between areas to give realism to the landscape.

What do you need to have to study the profession of a visualizer?

Everything is simple here – you only need to have 3 things:

  • A sufficiently powerful computer suitable for the requirements of the 3D Max program. Most home computers capable of “pulling” fairly modern shooting games, with a memory of 4 GB or more, are quite suitable at the initial stage.
  • Desire and persistence – this is what can be called the main thing. It will not work if you treat learning carelessly, and especially if you do not practice. Anyone who takes business seriously succeeds – it is a fact.
  • Teacher – you need a sufficiently experienced specialist who will teach all the subtleties of 3d visualization interior. It is desirable to be able to ask questions, of which a beginner always has a lot.