Let’s face it, a smoothie is pretty much a delicious treat that you can feel good about. Buying a smoothie from the supermarket, even when it seems to be very healthy, may contain preservatives for longer shelf life or lots of sugar for taste. Buying a smoothie from a trendy shop, while it may be super healthy, can get expensive, especially if you’re trying to make it a regular thing. Instead, become the master of your own destiny… smoothie destiny that is. There are many reasons to make your own healthy smoothie. It is super quick, easy, inexpensive and fun to make your own magically delicious combinations!smoothie-all-the-right-moves-ftr

Step 1: Start with a liquid base (about 1/3 litre)

To keep you smoothie healthy, the liquid base should be something that isn’t sweetened. While you may think that fruit juices are a good healthy base, but that isn’t always the case. Many times they contain a lot of added and/or artificial sugars. Instead look for a base that will give you some vitamin packed benefits and still taste yummy. Some examples for a liquid base: almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, green tea, coconut water or regular water.

(Optional) Step 2: Choose your greens (a big handful)

Greens in a smoothie are one of the best ways to pack a punch in a single serving. They also don’t tend to overpower with taste, so no worries your smoothie will not taste like a freshly mowed lawn. Examples of great choices of greens include: spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard, or beet greens.

Step 3: Choose your fruit (about 1/4 litre)

Your fruits will be the big flavour of the smoothie. There are so many yummy combinations, some working better with the body than others, so your options are endless. Also consider which fruits grow locally in your area. A trip to the local farmers market will give you a good way to be healthy and support your local growers too! Popular fruit choices include: banana, strawberry, apple, blueberry, raspberry, mango, pear, peach and melon. Another good idea would be to use freed dried fruit. This will make your smoothie icy cold and also ensure that your fruit doesn’t go bad waiting to be used. You can find some great freeze dried fruit options at ParadiseFruits.co.uk. By freeze-drying the fruits, much of the nutritional characteristics are left from the fresh form.

Step 4: Supercharge it! (as much as you like)

Supercharging your smoothie is a great way to round it out, if it will be your full meal, as well as increase your vitamins and mineral intake, making it as healthy as possible! Some ideas include: a plant-based protein power, some type of nut butter, flax, chia, sesame or hemp seeds, cinnamon, vanilla extract, raw cocoa or something more exotic such as maca or spirulina.

Step 5: Blend it up!

Blend your smoothie until it’s the texture you would like and enjoy! This is a great idea for a quick snack, pick-me up or even meal with the proper ingredients.

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients?