Are you planning a camping trip to the great outdoors? If so, the purchase of a durable Oztent can help you enhance your camping experience. For more than 20 years, Oztent has been making outdoor exploration more enjoyable for campers throughout the country. While there are many great tent models on the market today, Oztent offers several benefits that will help make your camping experience great.


Fast and Easy Setup Process

Believe it or not, the Oztent can be set up and ready to use in less than 30 seconds. If you have ever tried to setup camp in the dark or while it is raining, you will know just how great a 30 second setup process is. There is no need to figure out which poles go where or how to attach the tent to the poles. With the Oztent RV, all you need to do is take it out of the bag, unfold it, and set it up with the twist and lock poles. It really is that easy. This patented tent is designed with the poles already inside the canvas materials. Best of all, the tent can be setup completely by just one person.

Durable Material

Oz tents are made with a heavy-duty, poly-cotton canvas material that is extremely durable and built to withstand all weather conditions. The seams have been double-stitched to prevent tears or leaks. This helps to make the tent 100% waterproof, which is an absolute necessity when camping. It also includes a heat-sealed PVC flooring, which is great during the summer or winter months. The front door and windows are made with a fine mesh material that allows for perfect ventilation, while still keeping the annoying bugs out.

Full Warranty

The tent comes with everything you need, including the tent with the attached poles, pegs and ropes. All the parts of the tent come with a full two or three year warranty, depending on the type of tent you select. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you can have your tent or its parts replaced if anything were to happen to them.

Various Sizes

There are several different sizes of the Oztent for sale. The smaller tents sleep between one and two campers, whereas the larger tents can sleep up to six overnight campers. This allows you to select the right size tent to meet your specific needs. In addition, the tent stands 1.95 metres tall to provide enough room to stand inside the tent.

Additional Options

Another great feature of the Oztent is that there is plenty of room to extend. The awning of the tent includes a zipper inlet that allows other Oztent products to be easily attached. The awning connectors are used to join two Oztents together, which could actually double the size of your sleeping area. You can also attach a screen house or a tag-along enclosure to increase your indoor living space. If you are camping with a caravan, campervan, or a four-wheel drive vehicle, the convenient caravan connector will allow you to attach the Oztent right to your vehicle to expand your indoor space greatly.

The Oztent definitely offers the most convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors. Reputable camping supply stores, like Malandy Outdoor Adventure, offer a variety of Oztents and Oztent supplies for sale. This company has been serving campers of Australia for more than 20 years and they offer some of the best rates in town, as well as fast and affordable shipping services.