Bathroom renovations are often a priority for homeowners. Moving into a property with a badly designed, old-fashioned, or just plain grotty bathroom is a real turn-off for buyers. The trouble is, renovating a bathroom can be expensive, so you may not have the money to tackle the job immediately. Still, UK research has found that one in five people are embarrassed about the state of their bathroom, with 61% of them changing theirs when they move into a new home. If your bathroom is a monstrosity, here is a rundown of the main styles to consider before you look at fixtures and fittings.

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Above all else, bathrooms should be easy to clean, which is why a contemporary, modern style is extremely popular. To achieve this type of bathroom, you should be looking at white fixtures and fittings, clean lines, and a minimalist design. Think white bath, walk-in shower, and modern fittings.

Fitted bathroom furniture works well with this type of bathroom. Look at fitted sinks and toilets with built-in storage for cleaning products, makeup, towels, etc. Add a sleek designer towel rail. A walk-in shower is perfect if you are after a contemporary style. Pair this with a standalone bath for the ultimate in luxury.

In terms of colour scheme, monochrome or neutral shades work best, with accent colours in the form of brightly coloured towels or artwork.

Lighting is important in a bathroom. With a contemporary style, recessed LED spotlights are perfect. Be careful when you pick the temperature of the bulbs, as warm white is very different to cool white.

Don’t fill your bathroom with clutter. Keep it clean and simple for a more modern style.


Classic bathrooms fall somewhere in the middle of period and contemporary. If you want to stick to a classic style, go for a traditional white bath, toilet, and pedestal sink combo. A separate shower cubicle is fine if you have enough floor space. Otherwise, consider a shower-bath with a glass screen or shower curtain.

LED spotlights suit a classic style, too, but it’s OK to stick with a central light. Mix and match tiles and wallpaper. Feel free to experiment with colour schemes but stay away from anything too bright and lurid.


Period homes deserve a period bathroom. Edwardian and Victorian have a style all of their own, with beautifully designed fixtures and fittings, including claw-footed baths made from cast iron. Visit salvage yards for original pieces or shop for modern replicas.

Hang a beautiful chandelier and shop for period furniture to store towels and other bathroom essentials. Black and white floor ceramic tiles are a good look but look at coloured hand-made tiles too.

Retro and Shabby Chic

For a quirky look, consider a retro 1970s coloured suite in delightful avocado or papaya. Or, if you prefer the shabby chic look, glam up your bathroom with pastel paint, decorative mirrors, and upcycled pine furniture.

Have fun with your bathroom renovation and pick a style that’s in keeping with the rest of your home.