Once you settle on tapestries as your preferred interior decor, you’d want to know how to choose the perfect one. There’s no denying that there are dozens of designs, colors, sizes, textures, and so on. If you don’t know what you’re after, you’ll easily get confused when you go shopping for one. This article will guide you on how to choose the perfect tapestries for your eccentric space.

How To Choose The Perfect Tapestries For Your Eccentric Space - wall, home, decor, art


In choosing a home decor theme, you ought to focus on your preference, options, and elements that make it possible to realize your dream home. It’s true that there’s an enormous variety of colors, finishes, styles, and prices. However, it’s critical to narrow down on a particular theme for your home decoration project, at least to avoid overdoing it. (1)

Here are a few themes you’d want to consider when shopping for tapestries:

  • Abstract art: This refers to drawings or paintings that don’t depict the usual subjects, like animals, people, places, or any other objects found in the natural world. Instead, the artist uses shapes, colors, lines, brush strokes, and suchlike stuff to create a non-objective and non-representational art that you’re free to interpret in your own way. (2)
  • Bohemian: The Boho style is unconventional in pretty every sense, just like your eccentric space. Arts done in this style feature warm, earthy colors such as saturated purples, electric blue, fiery orange, and warm red. Also, you won’t fail to notice the different textures and materials used, as well as the layering. The result is a purposefully messy deco that makes your home feel full of life. (3)
  • Country: A country wall art draws inspiration from the calm of the country’s lifestyle. Thus, you expect them to have nature as the dominant subject. With this in mind, you can choose tapestries depicting mountains, meadows, waterfalls, rivers, deserts, oceans, forests, or farms. Such decors impart the much-needed feeling of calm, as staring at them virtually transports your mind to those places.

How To Choose The Perfect Tapestries For Your Eccentric Space - wall, home, decor, art


You certainly want an appropriately-sized tapestry and not one that’s oversized or undersized. So, always ensure you get the actual dimensions of the place you intend to hang, attach, or lay your tapestries. If it’s the wall, consider the height and width of the blank area, and then subtract the thickness of the space you’d like to leave all around the tapestry.

If you’re hanging several pieces side by side, make a point of leaving 3 to 6-inch space between the different pieces of art. If you’re aiming for large tapestries, don’t go beyond the recommended height of 57 to 60 inches.

If you’re hanging it above a couch in the living room, consider leaving a space of 6 to 8 inches between the bottom edge of the art and the furniture. Leave an equal space between the top edge of the art and the ceiling.

Finally, if you intend to use the tapestry as a tablecloth, see to it that the fabric dimensions are greater than the table dimensions so you’ll have a decent overhang around the edges. (4)


It’s recommended to choose tapestries of the highest quality possible. You wouldn’t want to choose a fabric that gets tattered within a few months of usage. Instead, insist on museum-quality tapestries that make a bold statement of your sense of style.

Some of the tapestries displayed in museums date back to several centuries, and that’s the kind of durability you want. In essence, shop with the intention of keeping them for the rest of your life.

4.Imprinting style

Tapestries can be made from different materials, including wool, cotton, linen, and silk. The cotton ones might be the go-to option if your main concern is durability. Wool brings that luxurious feel. Linen might also be softer, more luxurious, and expensive than cotton, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s stronger and more durable.

Furthermore, tapestries can be hand-made, digitally created, or even screen-printed. The hand-made ones are more popular because of their rich texture and 3-D feel. Still, you can go for the printed ones if you want more intricate designs that can’t be handwoven.


From the above discussion, you can’t go wrong with using tapestries for your eccentric space. For best results, choose a theme that matches the rest of your home decor. Luckily, they come in numerous designs, which means you won’t fall short of choices. Make sure that the size you select perfectly fits the space you want to decorate. Also, insist on purchasing only the high-quality ones so that they serve you for several years. Finally, choose the material and print style that matches your personality.

If it feels kind of tricky for you to look into all these factors and come up with a decent choice, don’t hesitate to contact interior designers or decorators to help you out.


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