When you walk down the aisle to accept your partner’s hand in marriage, you want to look your best. It’s an occasion in your life that will be documented, photographed, and cherished forever. You desire to feel confident while turning heads in the process. Although a lot of how you look on your wedding day boils down to your attire, hair, and makeup, there’s more to it.

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If you don’t take the necessary steps to take care of your physical and emotional health, it will manifest in your wedding day appearance. As you gear up for the most memorable moment in your life, couples are encouraged to take these steps to enhance their looks.

Improve Nutrition

What you eat can show up in ways you never imagined. For instance, consuming too much takeout, which is primarily processed foods packed with salt and sugar, can cause weight issues and skin problems. Improper nutrition can also affect your mood, increasing the physical impacts of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The moment you decide on a wedding date, it’s time to get serious about your diet. Eliminate unnecessary foods and start incorporating foods that are high in nutritional value. Ensure that you’re eating at least three times a day and find a healthy balance between lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.

Get Moving

There’s nothing worse than limiting your wedding attire selections due to physical imperfections. Although there are trendy wedding fashions for all body types, the idea is to select the dress or suit that you love. Not to mention, when something is a second or third option or ill-fitting, it can cause insecurity and confidence issues that dampen your mood on your big day. That’s why exercise is extremely important to look your best for your wedding.

Develop a fitness routine that keeps you and your fiance active at least five times a week. Going to the gym is ideal if you like having access to exercise equipment, classes, and physical trainers. If the gym isn’t your cup of tea, couples can complete other physical activities to stay fit. You can ride bikes, go hiking, jog, swim, dance, or play sports.

Get Checked Out

Diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough to maintain good physical and emotional health for your wedding day (and beyond). There could be underlying or existing medical problems that are preventing you from looking and feeling your best. The only way to determine what those issues are is to get checked out.

Engaged couples should schedule appointments to see the doctor for a complete physical exam. That way, if something is going on, it can be addressed and treated before things get worse. They should also visit a dentist in Plainfield IL (or wherever you live) to get x-rays, cleanings, and other preventative or corrective services to ensure their smiles are vibrant on their wedding day.

Reduce Stress

Stress and wedding planning tend to go hand in hand, but too much stress can alter your appearance. When you’re stressed out, it can cause weight, skin, hair, and nail problems. Although it may feel impossible, couples must work diligently to reduce the stress in their lives.

You can delegate tasks to friends and family, create checklists and schedules to remain organized, hire a wedding planner to reduce your workload, and choose a reasonable wedding date to reduce time constraints. If necessary, couples might even find it beneficial to visit a therapist to talk through their issues with the relationship, wedding planning, or other areas of life.

Yes, choosing the right wedding dress, tuxedo, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories will help you look great on your wedding day, but that’s just on the surface. Engaged couples are encouraged to remember internal factors that can have an impact on their overall appearance. By following the health and wellness advice listed above, you can ensure that you look amazing on your special day.