Tired of your bedroom looking like a cave? You could ease up the space and make it look bigger. There are many ways to do this, thankfully. We touched on the best below.

What Colors Are in the Room?

Your bedroom may be following an aesthetic that’s in line with the rest of the house. There may be a problem with this, though. The rest of the home may have dark colors.

The dark shades would make the space look like a cave. Go for light and airy tones, especially ones that are cool-toned. It doesn’t matter if the room contrasts with the rest of the home, this is not a must.

How Do You Make a Bedroom Look Bigger? - interior design, declutter, bedroom

Increase Natural Lighting

Another factor that will make the space look bigger is natural lighting. Take a look at your bedroom – how many windows are there? There may not be that many, or the ones present may be too small. By working with a company like Big City windows and doors Ottawa based, you’d be able to install new ones for affordable rates.

Make note of the curtains you have. They shouldn’t be thin, as they wouldn’t be able to insulate the vicinity. However, if they’re too thick, they’d prevent any light from coming in. Thick curtains also give off dungeon-like vibes.

How Much Furniture Do You Have?

You probably have ample space for furniture. But abusing this and placing many pieces would cramp the room. This is especially true if the furniture you’ve placed are all on the larger side.

By keeping the layout minimalistic, you not only make the room bigger, but make it more elegant too.

Get Rid of Clutter

Not only do you need to make note of the amount of furniture in the room, but look for any clutter as well. How many little trinkets are on your dresser? Are there things from other rooms just lying around? Getting rid of them would open things up a bit.

Get New Linen

A light and airy duvet would make the space look grander. Luckily for you, this is something you can easily change. Change the sheets on your bed and the pillows as well. Make sure that you keep our earlier point in mind, and get light colored linen.

How Do You Make a Bedroom Look Bigger? - interior design, declutter, bedroom

How Many Mirrors Are There?

You can make the space look bigger by having a lot of mirrors and reflective objects in it. What would be cool is having a large wall packed with mirrors, as this is very eye-catching.

The giant reflective wall would make area look larger than it is. Know that walls covered with mirrors are quite the trend now.

You may have a bedroom that’s dark, cluttered or stuffy, making it feel like a dungeon. But considering all the points we ran through; you can see that there are many ways to make the space look bigger. One of the most effective would be to increase the natural lighting coming in. You can also change your curtains or replace the windows for larger ones.