Every homeowner wants to ensure that their water supply is clean and safe. This is where Lagan Water plays an important role in your home. Other than this, here are some ways you can purify your water on your own — without too much trouble. Read on to find out what may work for you as you seek a safer way to consume H2O.

1. Boil It

Boiling water is one way to get rid of bacteria in your water. This is a basic and common method used by many.

2. Purification Tablets or Drops

You can buy these at a sporting goods or adventure store. You’ll want to strain the water, put the tablets in the strained water before drinking.

3. Use a Water Purifier

A water purifier is one safe way to clean out the bacteria from your water. You can use a pump purifier which you can attach from the outdoors and you can buy a portable one that can be attached in your kitchen sink. If you want to make it even simpler, buy a water bottle that has a built-in purifier in it. Or, you can use other types of purifier, including an ultraviolet purifier or a gravity-fed purifier.

And let’s not forget to mention whole house water filters. They are more costly and more complicated to install but also offer many benefits including very effective filtration, point of entry treatment and easy maintenance. Besides, if you buy a large home water filter you never run out of filtered water.

4. Make a Solar Still

Solar Still is a simple way for you to distill your water. The process is done by using the heat from the sun to drive evaporation and cool it off with a condenser film. Making one is easy. Use a bowl or anything that you can set water on a flat surface. Put the water in the bowl around the cup. Cover it with a clear wrap and put a rock on top where the cup is. Finally, put this under the sun. The main problem with this is that it takes a long time to happen, but you never know when you will need fresh water this way.
These are just some ways to ensure your water is safe and clean for consumption.Solar_Water_Still