The covering of your bed depicts your sense of style and it affects the styles of your bedrooms. Not only the bed coverings but the bedspread are of great importance too, if you are looking for a piece of advice to choose between the bedspread and comforter… going for the bedspread because it offers more benefits than the comforter. Read the discussion below to find out what makes bedspread so great.

When and Where to Use Bedding Bedspreads? - bedspread, bedroom, bed

 What Is a Bedspread?

It is necessary to know what bedspread is, people often mix it with duvet or blanket. Bedspread is the lightweight and decorative bed covering suitable for warm weather only. For cold weather, you can add the bedspread with the comforter to make it warmer and beautiful at the same time. Ideally, the bedspread is used in summer or spring season, you can go for a blanket instead of the bedspread in winter and fall.

To be very honest, it is up to you, how and when you decide to use the bedspreads. The bedspreads come in all fabrics i.e. chenille, heavy silk, satin, and velvet. The heavy silk and satin bedspreads enhance the insulation property, thereby making them suitable for cold weather too. Warmth is considered to be the basic purpose of bedspreads because of their usage while sleeping. The bedspreads have a variety of colors and designs, they are suitable for most of the interiors.

When and where to use bedspreads?

Well, bedspreads can be used in bedrooms and guest rooms. They are most commonly used in the guest rooms because of their style, structure and embellishments which make them not be used quite often. The bed spreads can be used round the year and they are available in satin, heavy silk, velvet and chenille. The bedspreads are often combined with a matching comforter to be used during chilly days.

Features of bedspread:

Below are the salient features of bedding bedspreads:

1.Warmth and Weight of bedspread

Bedspreads are different from comforters and quilts because quilts and comforters are insulated, they offer more warmth and are heavy. The bedspread offers warmth to some extent, but is not suitable for cold weather in any way. Bedspread is light in weight but their weight may vary.

2.Shape & Size of the bedspread

Bedding changes the shape of your bed and ultimately of your bedroom too. The bedspread is available in different sizes and shapes according to the size and design of beds, you can select them accordingly.

3.Colors & Styles of the bedspread

Bedspreads and comforters offer style in different ways. Bedspreads are stitched in a number of ways. They can be easily matched with the duvet covers to make your bed coverings more stylish.

4.Patterns & Stitching of bedspread

Bedspreads may resemble the quilt for their stitching style. They are stitched in many styles with different geometric patterns.

How to determine the bedspread Size you need?

Bedspreads are often seen touching the floor, but some people might not like this, we recommend you to go for the longer and wider bedspread because they really add beauty to your bed and make it look luxurious and classy. Bedspreads are meant to be laid on the mattress which differs greatly in size and height, carefully measure the size of the mattress to find the perfect quilted bedspread.

How to measure the mattress for the best fit of bedspread?

All you need to measure your mattress is the Measuring tape.

  • Measure the first of all, from right to left across the top of the mattress.
  • Next, measure the length from top to bottom.
  • Measure the depth of the mattress, depth refers to the thickness (it is measured from the top of the mattress up to the floor) Directions
  • Then, measure the drop from the top of the mattress to the floor.
  • Add this width drop twice to the bed length to find the measurement of the bedspread.

There you go, measurement is done…

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