Wanting a little help is never wrong, especially if you’re looking to build a business. It’s already a HUGE hassle to get through the paperwork. To make all of this mess hassle-free, 3E Accounting is here to help with their cheap incorporation package.

If you’re looking to build a business in Singapore, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Why? Because right now, 3 E accounting is at your service. With their package, you can set up your company in a quick way, all on your phone

The efforts it takes to become the leading corporate service of Singapore are immense and only known by 3E Accounting. Authorities and professional bodies have widely recognized them. They’ve also been awarded as Singapore Brand Awards Winner by the Singapore Board.

When a company like this is recognized as the Best Company Registration Special of the Year, you have to admit that their services are up to par. Another award they’ve been given were the Finance Award in 2017.

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What does the Incorporation Package consist of?

With just $749 plus GST, you can get a whole truck-load of services. Not only will 3E provide you with a few issuances of share certificates, but it’ll also give you free advice on compliance requirements. Cost-free monitoring of filing deadlines for one year, and tax planning and GST advice will also be provided.

The first step-up to Incorporation is for you to choose the right Corporate Secretarial as it is an essential aspect for a successful company. You can do so by going through their checklist. Regardless of the type of your company, 3E will help you with the application of any work pass to you with the hiring of foreign citizens. And when your company is up and running, they’ll send a qualified accountant, tax agent, and GST agent to make things smooth as butter for you.

Are you looking for a nominee director? You’re in luck! A nominee director from 3E Accounting ensures you the best quality of services and also the best deals in the market. A person as necessary as a nominee director should be chosen carefully, after all the matter of economical fees lies in their hands. That’s why you must make the right choice the right person. You can visit their website to read more about the appointment of a nominee director.

You’re probably wondering that this package may not be worth it, but their plethora of services hasn’t ended yet. In this very cheap Incorporation Package, you’ll also get a personal Compliance team to assist you with matters such as the filing of annual returns.

Why should you trust 3E Accounting with this task? Well, many other firms provide these services in the market, you could also opt for them, but most of their reminder systems depend on electronic auto-mailers that lack personalization. These emails usually end up in the spam or get stuck somewhere in between delivery. You wouldn’t want this as it could cost you almost one thousand dollars.

Why should you work with 3E?

3E takes its services very seriously. Any director who fails to comply with the requirements will be fined as well as face disqualification. They’ll be fined $5000 and also face default penalties for the failure to fulfill S175 and S197 per the Companies Act. For the failure to comply with S201, they’ll be charged with $10,000.

That’s why 3E are trustworthy

Working with inexperienced agents that lack sufficient knowledge and qualifications will make the foundation of your company very weak. How can your company run without proper advice that marries with the rules and regulations? When you work with 3E Accounting, you work with professionals that leave no room for error. The mission of 3E is to provide you with Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Economic services.

If you still don’t think 3E will be compatible with your company, you can opt for a free incorporation consultation before your sign or even start anything with them. It’s better to pay a little more if it means your company will be in safe hands.

Get in touch with them today and start your incorporation process because a package like this is not one to miss out on.