We put together a list of the top 15 ways to upcycle your very own used magazines. Rather than tossing all of those magazines into the recycle bin, you can give them a brand new life. Instead of leaving those stacks and stacks of magazines and newspapers to gather dust and go to waste in the corner of your room or back of your closet, why not try to repurpose them?

Magazine Stack Stool

Repurposed Magazine Stack Stool



Magazine Notebook

DIY Magazine Notebook


Magazine Bowl

Upcycled Magazine Bowl

Magazine Wall Art

Repurposed Magazine Wall Art

Trash Can

Upcycled Magazine Trash Can

Magazine Page Nails

Gorgeous Magazine Page Nails

Picture Frame

Upcycled Magazine Page Picture Frame


Woven Recycled Magazine Coasters

Repurposed Magazine Page Dish

Repurposed Magazine Page Dish

Page Origami Bookmark

Magazine Page Origami Bookmark

Ceramic Tiles

Magazine Page Ceramic Tiles

Magazine Page Mirror

Recycled Magazine Page Mirror

Magazine Wreath

Lovely Upcycled Magazine Wreath

Accordion Style Clock

Recycled Magazine Accordion Style Clock

Magazine Page Coasters

DIY Coiled Magazine Page Coasters