As a homeowner, you’ve already gone through a great deal of trouble to search for a home, make an offer and finalize the sale–a process that can often take several months or longer. As such, when you finally own your own home, you naturally want to make it your own.

Aside from unpacking, organizing rooms, painting, and the like, the time you spend on your interiors should require much more thought and attention. In fact, studies have shown that the average homeowner typically purchases a “quick setup” when it comes to furniture and design elements. But these are often cheap and fairly uncreative.

Designing Your Space: 3 Ways to Customize Your Home and Make it Stand Out - Space, light, home, design, craftsmanship, Artwork

If you really want to make your space stand out and design a home that you’ll simply love to live in and come home to, you’ll have a few options to choose from.

Here, we’ll explore 3 popular ways to make your home stand out.

Choose True Craftsmanship

As mentioned, many homeowners are so excited to get into their homes and start decorating that the first thing they do is go out and buy cheap furniture and other items just to fill their space. But this approach lacks style and quality.

When you choose quality craftsmanship over the cheaper alternatives, you’re getting furniture with a true quality that will not only stand the test of time, but they’ll be handcrafted and completely unique.

For example, one of the best examples of quality furniture craftsmanship is that of Amish-style furniture. As the Amish are known for their 19th Century lifestyle, each piece is handmade and will last 10 times longer than anything that you might find at big box stores.

If you want to exude a sense of style and enjoy your furniture for many years, choosing furniture made with true craftsmanship is the best strategy.

Choosing Artwork

Art is highly subjective by nature. And this simply means that what you prefer or what speaks to you will be unique to only you. In fact, 100 people can view the same piece of art and all will have different interpretations, feelings, and experiences.

As such, when incorporating artwork into your home design, you don’t need to worry about what’s popular or what’s “trendy.” But if this is the style that you prefer, feel free to explore it.

When choosing artwork, taking a thematic approach is often the most common and most preferred. And it also tends to make the most sense if you’re going for fluidity in your home design.

For example, if you live by the beach and simply love that beachy vibe, choosing artwork to complement your location and your sense of style will flow perfectly throughout your home.

Let the Light In

Unless you like the feel of a dungeon, or if you’re a vampire and only emerge from your home at night, you’ll probably want to let some natural light into your home. And there are actually many health benefits for doing so as well.

Natural light allows you to illuminate areas of your home without using artificial lighting. So this not only helps to lower energy costs, it also invites the sun into your home, which has been proven in many studies to be beneficial for mood by boosting serotonin, and it’s also great for skin health as well.

If you want a splash of lighting in the otherwise darker areas of your home, a few options to consider are having large, ceiling-to-floor windows installed. Or you could incorporate skylights, sunrooms, or keep your windows free from blinds and shades and simply use a full or half-sheer to allow more light to enter a room.

Each person’s home is their castle. And as a “castle keeper,” you’ll want to decorate your castle in the best way you see fit, incorporating elements that speak to who you are and your personal sense of style. And by following the advice listed here, you’ll be well on your way to making your home stand out.