16 Compelling Modern Designs For Your Outdoor Areas

How are you enjoying the summer so far? Do you spend a lot of time in your outdoor areas? If not, why is that so? Could it be because they are not taken care of and that they don’t feel comfortable or welcoming at all? Will that change if you renovate your garden or backyard or anything else that you might have outside, even a terrace? It probably would. That is why we want to make you jealous of some amazing designs of outdoor areas with modern designs. We want to make you jealous because we want to motivate and inspire you to create a place in which you can enjoy the outdoors as comfortably as the indoors.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are going to show you 16 Compelling Modern Designs For Your Outdoor Areas. 
The modern design is one of the most popular designs that are trending among new homeowners. There are literally tons of ideas that you can find online and we’ve combed through lots and lots of possible designs that we could show you so the ones that you’ll see in this collection are really good and will give you a lot of ideas. Enjoy!

1. Madrid Residence

2. URO house

3. Modern Outdoors Design

4. Small courtyard with a hammock and a pool

5. Modern deck idea

6. Comfortable rooftop terrace

7. Deck with a built-in seating solution

8. Brookfield House

9. Modern Porch

10. Franklin Mountain House

11. Modern Landscape


13. Glass Pavilion

14. Modern Landscape and Deck

15. Casa GG

16. Palm Springs Residence

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