Dear friends from all over the world… We are all facing the same hard situation and the best thing that we can do these days is to stay at home. We know that it is hard to stay home now because Spring is finally here and we were waiting for so long to start wearing our cute Spring outfits… but fashion can wait. Our health and the health of the people we love is the most important now. 

Staying home can be hard, but if you find fun activities and if you focus on your indoor hobbies you can make staying home easy,creative and productive. And we as Style Motivation are here to help you to do that. And as our name is telling, we are here to keep you motivated and help you stay  stylish. Yes, you can stay home and stay stylish at the same time! Our favorite fashion bloggers are here to help us do that. From the photos below you can find inspiration for a perfect stay at home outfit that is comfortable and yet stylish at the same time. Take a look and enjoy!

Stay home and stay safe,

We are here to entertain you.