Window treatments are the most important element in your home decor. They define the look and feel of a room, so it’s worth investing time upfront to find what you really want. But there are also many different types of window coverings out there, so it’s important you know what is best for your needs. From blackout curtains to sheer curtains, there are multiple factors you ought to think about before making a decision.

Consider These 4 Things in Choosing the Right Window Treatments - Window, home decor


One of the most classic and beautiful styles of window treatments is shutters. There are many different types of shutters, including top-hung, full view, bottom-hung, or flap-fold. Each type is defined by how they open up to reveal your windows. When you’re choosing the right shutter for your home, consider this: whether they’re able to be rolled up or down, opened from the top or bottom, or have a more contemporary flap-fold construction. For a more traditional look, you can go for plantation style shutters from Shuttercraft Ltd and see how it enhances the look of your home. You can also mix types of shutters together if you really want something unique. For instance, using plantation-style shutters on the bottom half of the window while choosing flap-fold for the top half. This is a great way to experiment with different looks within one room without making it feel like it clashes together.

If you want something more modern-looking that still fits your window, then go for sliding panel shutters. These are perfect for French doors, large windows, patio doors, and other sets of opening windows. Sliding panel shutters are able to be customized in size and color too.


There are several options when it comes to window shades, which is good news for those who wish to stay within a certain budget. The sheer roller shades are one of the most popular types since they’re functional and easy to use. They come in handy during the daytime since they reflect away light, allowing you to control how much natural sunlight enters your room. If you want more light than this type offers, opt for the layered look with sheer curtains over blackout shutters at night. Different fabrics can also affect how much light is allowed inside so consider this as well when choosing window treatments for rooms with large windows, like the living room or bedroom.

Wooden shades

Another popular option is to use woven wood shades like the Sierra Craft Wood Shades, which offer more privacy than sheer shades while still allowing you to see outside through them.

Wood shutters are also great options if you want something that’s easy to install and provides plenty of natural light control. These types of window treatments also come in various types, but louvered styles are some of the most common since they’re simple yet elegant. Even though these are not as modern-looking as other window treatments, there are various ways to customize them so that it fits into your home design seamlessly. Wooden shutters can bring a lot of warmth too so it’s perfect for rooms where you already have neutral colors dominating the space.”

Blackout curtains

These curtains are a great option for anybody who needs something to block out light and heat from entering a room. Blackout curtains are perfect during the daytime when the sun is up, but you still want to keep your room nice and cozy. Or if you’re someone who doesn’t get enough sleep at night, these types of window treatments help a lot with that since they allow you to have some peace and quiet whenever you need it so you can catch more z’s! Keep in mind that there are several types of blackout window treatments so choose one based on what best fits your overall design theme.

A common mistake people make when trying blackout curtains is using it on their bedroom windows even though they may not be necessary. It’s important to understand which type of window best suits your needs so you’ll know if blackout curtains are necessary or would just be a waste of money. Check out the list below to see which windows to use blackout curtains on:

  • Windows – east, east-west
  • Windows that will always be shaded
  • Bedroom windows that face a busy road or noisy neighbor’s home

Consider These 4 Things in Choosing the Right Window Treatments - Window, home decor

Window treatments and window coverings are a personal choice, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. When you’re choosing the right type of window treatment for your needs, it’s important to consider what will work best in every room. Certain windows need blackout curtains because they face busy roads or noisy neighbors’ homes while others can use sheer curtains with plantation-style shutters on the bottom half without feeling like it clashes together. It may take some time to find out which types of window coverings suit you best, but this article has given you plenty of options so that it’ll make things easier when looking around for new decorating ideas!