Moving is stressful, whether you’re moving between apartments or buying a new home – but one of the most challenging aspects of moving is the sheer unfamiliarity of living in a new space. That’s why, besides unpacking the essentials, one of your top priorities should be to add some personal touches. So, how do you make your new residence feel like home?

Though it takes some time to fully settle a new space, these 4 steps can make a big difference in how your new space feels. Even in apartments where you have limited options for changing the décor, there are still plenty of ways you can get settled in, and all without spending a fortune.

Coming Home: 4 Ways To Personalize Your Space After A Move - personalize, pack, light, home, clutter, clear, add color

Let In Some Light

New houses and apartments have two norms: no light or only overhead lighting, and neither is ideal. When getting settled into a new space, then, it’s important to adjust the lighting, introducing natural light during the day and setting up gentle task lighting in other areas. Both of these are warmer and more welcoming than glaring overhead lights, though if you’re stuck with ceiling mounted lighting, cutting the wattage or using a dimmer can help.

Pack Strategically

Unpacking all of your stuff after moving can take weeks, and while there’s lots of advice out there regarding how to pack the essentials, other items tend to be overlooked. In addition to creating boxes that prioritize items like bed linens and towels, plates and cups, cleaning supplies, and food, you may want to consider packing a few boxes that are clearly marked as containing important décor. Alternatively, you might opt to hire movers who will professionally pack your belongings and ask them about carefully labeling what room each box belongs to and whether it’s a top priority for unpacking.

Add Some Color

Though it happens in homes, too, apartments are especially prone to suffer from what décor pros term white wall syndrome – in other words, the whole space is white or beige and utterly uninspiring. And while some landlords will ask about painting preferences, or will allow you to paint as long as you restore the space upon moveout, many will tell you that you have to live with the white walls. How do you liven up the place, then? There are several ways to approach this issue.

If you naturally tend toward colorful décor and accessories, adding color to your space is as easy as unpacking your throw pillows and vases or hanging some art, even if you can’t put holes in the wall. Simply use what you have and go wild. On the other hand, if you tend toward more muted décor and prefer to have bold walls, you can now get all kinds of fun, temporary wallpaper you can hang to create some accent walls and remove before you move out.

The home décor experts at Vision Bedding believe that a home with a colorful setting creates a positive environment that brings harmony between family members.

Clear The Clutter

Your new place won’t feel like home until you’ve done some unpacking, but you don’t have to empty every box immediately in order to settle in. Instead, set aside an area to hold boxes that still need to be unpacked and break down the ones you’ve finished emptying. By getting empty boxes out of the way, you’ll be well on your way to feeling more at home.

Many people have complicated ideas about what makes a place home, whether that’s the presence of family, how long you’ve lived there, or some other personal metric, but home is also what you make it. If you’re prepared to put some effort into cultivating a warm and welcoming environment, then you’re sure to feel at home before long.