Every teenage girl has her own unique tastes, style, and preferences that change as they grow from a child into the teen years. Their bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it is her own personal space to escape from the rules, restrictions, and demands of the world.

The Walls

Painting the bedroom walls is probably the quickest way to change the overall look and feel of the room. However, your teen might think this is too boring and is looking for something that will make a bigger impact. One popular fun option is to paint one wall a different color than the others. This is called an accent wall and becomes the focal point of the room. You can choose any wall, but many choose the wall behind your bed headboard because the head of the bed tends to be the most inherent feature wall in the room.

Another option is to create a wall of memories. This is a great way to display your teenager’s favorite photos, postcards, and posters that can be changed at any time as their styles, tastes, and moods change.

The Bedding

As your child enters her teenage years, her tastes will have changed drastically from when she was nine years old, which probably feels like yesterday. Establishing independence is one of the most distinctive characteristics of becoming a teenager. When it comes to their bedroom, they want a one that reflects their ever-changing personal style.  As the bed is the most prominent piece of furniture in the bedroom, changing the bedding can have a huge transformation impact. For example, buying new duvet covers, throw blankets, and decorative pillows can give the room a whole new look and feel.

7 Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas Your Daughter Will Love - work space, walls, teenage room, Storage, make up area, home decor, girl bedroom, bedding

Storage Space

Not having enough storage space for your teen to keep all her clothes, accessories, and shoes is often a problem and can make the room look very messy. How about purchasing bright-colored trunks, an upholstered storage bench, or even vintage suitcases? Not only will they look stylish, they will also be useful. Other options to add storage space are:

  • Put a vertical shelving unit against a bedroom wall
  • Add a hutch to the top of her desk
  • Get an over-the-door shoe rack in her closet
  • Double hanging racks double the space for skirts, shirts, dresses, and pants
  • Use a customized organizing system inside her closet for optimal use of space

Work Space

Teenagers need to have a place to do their homework and use their computer. If she doesn’t already have one, you should get her a desk, chair, and some shelves. If the room is not large enough for more furniture, you can raise the bed on stilts to put a study area underneath it, hang a drop-down desk from a wall, or turn a small closet into a study area.

Space to Socialize

Teenage girls don’t want to hang out in your kitchen or family room with your other family members. They want a place to be with their friends in private without having parents or siblings listening to their conversations. If her room is large enough and you have enough money, consider buying a second bed or bunkbeds for sleepovers. If the room is too small, you can use a sleeping bag, large floor pillows, or beanbag chairs.

7 Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas Your Daughter Will Love - work space, walls, teenage room, Storage, make up area, home decor, girl bedroom, bedding

Makeup Area

As girls grow into teenagers, many will start to wear makeup and nail polish. Providing them a vanity or makeup area is something they will really appreciate. If space is limited, you can put a mirror up over their desk and put lights around the mirror. You can also hang some shelves on the wall over the desk or vanity where they can store their supplies.

Personalize Her Room

Let your teenage daughter express her own unique creativity where they can put things like their artwork, song lyrics, favorite quotes, special photos, or other memorabilia important to her on a corkboard or even a bulletin board.

Designing and decorating a room for your teenage daughter doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can go to flea markets, garage/estate sales, and look for sales. Re-finishing or re-painting older furniture, lamps, and shelves can make something older look new and in accordance with your daughter’s tastes.  Involve your teenager in the process of decorating her room so that together, you and your daughter can work as a team to make sure her room reflects her tastes and style.