Even if car removal isn’t mandatory, doing so can offer you various benefits, especially if you’ve been keeping your old vehicle in your garage for many years already. It won’t only make your property look well-organised and managed, but it can give your house extra space for other purposes. In addition, removing unused old cars can be beneficial in creating a pollution-free environment.

6 Car Removal Options For Your Old Vehicle - scrapping, Old Vehicle, car removal, car

So, if you have an old vehicle and you think it’s wasting space, there are many options you can consider when it comes to car removal. Depending on your personal preference and your car’s overall condition, you can choose from the following:

1. Find A Car Removal Service Provider

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to remove your old car from your property is to work with a car removal service provider. Many companies that offer car removals will likely pay you for your old vehicle because they often sell scrap metal or parts.

Although you can sell your car parts on your own, banking on car removals is much easier and less time-consuming. You might not make as much with this option, but the convenience it offers will surely be worthy of your time and effort.

2. Trade It In

If you want to purchase a used or new car, you might want to trade in your old vehicle instead of selling it. Once you trade it in, you can lessen the amount you need to pay for your preferred vehicle and avoid the hassle of car selling.

Typically, trade-in offers may depend on your car’s current value and whether or not the dealer has similar cars in their selection. The good thing about the trade-in option is that you’re not obliged to accept the offer if you don’t want it.

3. Scrapping

Another car removal option is scrapping. However, it’s crucial to look for a reliable dealer to get the right amount your car deserves.

A simple search online will give you options on the different companies offering scrapping services. While doing research, check if the dealer is reputable and registered. It’s also good to determine whether they make bank deposits or provide a cheque to ensure a smooth transaction. Now, this is a quick way to get cash for cars.

Once you’re done filtering your options, contact the most reliable scrap dealer and discuss the terms and conditions. Usually, scrap dealers are willing to get your car from your property, so you don’t need to bring it to them yourself.

6 Car Removal Options For Your Old Vehicle - scrapping, Old Vehicle, car removal, car

4. Make An Online Auction

Many auction websites can provide you with a convenient way to remove your car while getting cash for it. To create an online auction for your old vehicle, follow the steps provided on the website. Typically, you have to prepare your car for sale as you need to take pictures for posting.

Auction websites offer users the ability to set a low starting price for the bids. Even if you receive a single bid for your vehicle, you can sell your car at a higher amount than the minimum amount you’ve set. Just avoid setting the starting bid price too high.

Aside from setting the starting bid price, you need to set a cutoff date and time to ensure that you sell your car by a certain date. This is especially true if you get bids during that period.

5. Recycle Your Old Car

The other way of removing your old vehicle is by recycling it. Rather than taking it to a scrap yard where it may sit for years, recycling your vehicle is more eco-friendly.

If you decide to recycle your old car, you can work with organisations that ensure your vehicle is disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Depending on your chosen organisation, you may get cash for considering this option.

6. Donate It

If you don’t want to trade in your old car or sell it, you can consider donating it instead, particularly if it’s still functioning. Several non-profit organisations accept car donations.

Other than helping those who are in need, you can also enjoy savings on your taxes once you donate your old car, as it’s possible to claim a tax deduction. Usually, this deduction is equivalent to the amount your car sells for auction. You might claim the market value of your old car if it wasn’t auctioned. To know more about the specifics of donating cars, consult a tax expert.


If you have an old vehicle you want to get rid of, you have the freedom to choose any of the car removal options mentioned. Regardless of your car’s condition, explore every option in detail to choose the best choice for you. If you’re confused about which option to consider, get help from experienced family and friends to make a well-informed decision.