Bathroom fan is a must for any bathroom that does not have a window inside. Absence of sufficient air circulation can lead to accumulation of moisture coming from toilet, shower cabin, bathtub and a sink. As a result, forming of excessive moisture causes numerous problems with mold forming as well as with the unpleasant odors and bathroom accessories wear out.

All these specific troubles can be eliminated by organizing a smart air circulation process that will assure full air replacement in bathroom for about 8 times during each hour. Bath fan in such conditions is a guarantee of fresh air, dryness and clean surfaces. Still the choice of a proper bathroom fan should be made with care. A correctly chosen fan has to be powerful enough to provide a sufficient level of ventilation. The effectiveness of a bath fan work depends on CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute of moved air. There are five steps for right CFM calculation and the selection for the most suitable bath fan.modern-bathroom

Credits: At-Six Architecture

  1. Figure out your bathroom square feet/meters measurement. Using a tape measure find out the length of each bathroom wall and the distance from the floor to the ceiling. It is easier to remember the measures of a usual rectangular room shape. For irregular forms there should be made a drawing of a bathroom plan in order to calculate its volume.
  2. Measure your bathroom floor space. In order to calculate it, multiply the length and the width. For bathrooms with more complex design, it is possible to divide floor into more or less equal parts, calculate their spaces and put the values at the end.
  3. Get to know the overall volume of the bathroom. Multiply the floor space by the height of the ceiling. For example, if you have a bathroom with 100 square feet floor space and 9 feet ceiling height, the overall bathroom volume will be 900 cubic feet. Besides, if the ceiling in your bathroom does not have the equal height from each side, find the average value between the lowest and the highest points and use it for your calculations.
  4. Calculate the CFM value which is needed for the selection of your bath fan configurations. The bathroom fan, which is considered to be an effective one, has to replace the total air volume 8 times per hour, or every 7.5 minutes. In order to calculate the necessary CFM value you should divide bathroom’s volume by 7.5. For example, for a bathroom with 900 cubic feet volume it is required to purchase a bathroom fan of 120 CFM capacity.
  5. At last, purchase a proper size and quality bathroom fan with the required or higher CFM rating. Here it is up to you what shop and brand to choose. The main thing is to mind the CFM and noise ratings. They should correspond to the measurements of your bathroom.

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