Going to the gym can greatly benefit your health, wellness, beauty, and appearance. From weight loss and a toned physique to flawless skin and a decreased risk of physical and mental health problems, regular exercise enhances your overall quality of life. However, it’s no secret working up a sweat puts a damper on your hair, skin, and personal hygiene. Although these issues are only temporary, they can have lasting effects if you don’t take the proper steps before and after your workout.

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You want to look your best whether you’re exercising at home, outdoors, or at group fitness classes. When you look good, it boosts confidence, ultimately motivating you to work out. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear a little makeup, light fragrance, style your hair, and put on a trendy athleisure outfit, you must be mindful of how your beauty and fashion preferences can impact your appearance in the long run. Continue reading to learn more.

Use Makeup And Moisturizers Sparingly

When you exercise, your blood circulation increases, causing your pores to open. As a result, dirt, germs, bacteria, skincare products, and makeup builds up and clogs you’re pores, increasing the chances of a breakout.

Maintain your healthy skin and reduce acne breakouts by keeping makeup and moisturizer to a minimum. Opt for a bare face with a bit of tinted lip gloss to add a pop of color. As for lotions, oils, or creams, apply them in small amounts. When you’re finished working out, ensure that you thoroughly cleanse your face and skin to eliminate any residue.

Keep Hairstyles Simple

Leaving your hair out during a workout is a disaster waiting to happen. As you sweat, your hair gets frizzy and tangled. That’s why most people prefer to style their hair before exercising. Steer clear of curls or other hairstyles that require a lot of hair products as it can cause you to sweat more and clog your pores.

Keep your hairstyle simple. A ponytail, bun, or braid is really all you need to add a bit of style while you work out. Use very little hair product and wash, rinse, condition, and moisturize your hair after working up a sweat.

Select A Deodorant For Active Lifestyles

Increased body temperatures and sweat will undoubtedly cause some body odors. Don’t make the mistake of applying a ton of fragrance or scented body products as this will only irritate your skin and clog pores.

Keep foul odors at bay by selecting a high-quality deodorant ideal for active lifestyles. It will help reduce bad smells and sweat.

Choose Workout Attire Wisely

What you wear can have a significant impact on your health and appearance. Wearing denim or tight-fitting clothes can increase your body temperature and sweat. If the fabrics aren’t breathable, it also traps the sweat, dirt, germs, and bacteria enabling it to penetrate deeper into your skin.

You don’t have to compromise fashion for fitness. There’s no shortage of trendy activewear items on the market. As you browse your options, try to stick to clothing made from breathable fabrics. Loose and free-flowing tops and bottoms are also recommended to help your skin breathe. As for footwear, opt for something that offers a lot of arch and ankle support to avoid injuries.

Pamper Yourself After A Workout

Lastly, indulge in a little extra self-care after your workout. Take a cold or warm shower or bath to rid your body of sweat, dirt, germs, and bacteria. Wash, condition, and moisturize your hair. Complete your skincare routine, and massage some lotion, body cream, or essential oils to rehydrate your skin. Then take a moment to relax before returning to your normal routine.

If looking good while you exercise boosts your confidence and encourages you to stay the course, then go for it. Just ensure that when you’re getting ready to work out that you keep the above tips in mind to prevent exercise from ruining your appearance long-term.